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Ex de Solutions – Increased Safety Ex e meets Flameproof Ex d in a Custom Combination


Ex de solutions – Increased Safety Ex e meets Flameproof Ex d in a Custom Combination
A clever combination – flameproof Ex d enclosure on top and increased safety Ex e control station underneath

Pepperl+Fuchs offers tailor-made process automation solutions including Ex de combinations. These Ex de solutions combine the benefits of both the increased safety Ex e and flameproof Ex d types of protection. They consist of a combination of an Ex d enclosure on top and an Ex e enclosure underneath, which includes terminals and control elements in customer-specific configurations. The enclosures are securely connected via special cable bushings. A flange between both parts prevents dirt buildup and moisture penetration.

Ready-to-commission Ex d enclosure combined with easy-access Ex e enclosure

Components for process control or electrical installation that are not specifically designed for hazardous areas can be installed in the flameproof Ex d enclosure. In addition to isolated barriers from Pepperl+Fuchs, these components may include DCS and ESD systems or other devices according to the respective customer specification. The flameproof enclosure ensures that the non-Ex devices do not pose a threat to the environment. Under ideal conditions, the Ex d enclosure is opened as little as possible after initial installation as special rules under IEC 60079-14 must be observed for opening and closing. The Ex e enclosure contains only accordingly Ex-certified components. This makes it much easier and safer to access than the Ex d section. Terminals and control elements can be serviced or replaced at any time, subject to compliance with the relevant regulations.

Benefits of protection types add up

In this way, customers can reap the benefits offered by both types of protection: The Ex e enclosures allow for easy extension and modification of the control elements that they contain. The control devices in the Ex d enclosure are ready for use and allow rapid commissioning with little system downtime as well as reduced maintenance work.


  • Exact fit to your application requirements thanks to customized design, manufacturing, and certification from a single source
  • Flameproof Ex d enclosure enabling usage of standard industrial equipment in explosion hazardous areas
  • Secure connection between Ex d and Ex e enclosure with special cable bushings
  • Flange between enclosures preventing dirt buildup and moisture penetration
  • Quick replacement of terminals and control elements in Ex e enclosure reducing downtime and maintenance costs



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