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Pepperl+Fuchs provides products and technologies for the fourth industrial revolution, making data available in the “Internet of Things” and supporting the concept of intelligent objects and connected plants. We are moving towards a new generation of sensors: Sensorik4.0.

Take our video tour and see some of the technologies that form the basis for Sensorik4.0.


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Smart Waste Management with Ultrasonic Sensors

Innovative ultrasonic technology applied by mobile automation experts MOBA ensures intelligent waste collection. A distance measuring ultrasonic sensor module, installed in the waste container, measures the fill level inside. The data of all containers is made available in a web-based application, which allows optimized planning of the garbage truck routes  thus saving costs and reducing pollution.

Intelligent Object Identification with RFID

RFID is among the key technologies for intelligent objects and is ideal for Industry 4.0. The noncontact identification in each production step ensures maximum flexibility and reliability. Our robust UHF read/write head F190 can be used in rough environments, and data can be read and added to objects. This introduces dynamic structures and flexibility to all areas of manufacturing.


Making Data Available with Bridge Technologies

The availability of data in the "Internet of Things" is a crucial part of Industry 4.0. Pepperl+Fuchs has developed various concepts which build the bridge from the sensor level up to the cloud—simplifying and accelerating communication. These bridge technologies include WirelessHART, Ethernet for Process Automation and SmartBridge®.


Intelligent Object Detection with SpinScan3D

Industry 4.0 and the increasing use of robotics in factory production require intelligent recognition and segmentation of objects. The technology of the SpinScan3D concept delivers 3-D spatial measurements of objects, thus allowing precise object identification which enables robot handling.

Combining Sensor Worlds with MultiScan3D

With the MultiScan3D concept, highly accurate measurements are combined with large-scale object scans. Fine and coarse resolution perspectives are merged into a single big picture. This enables an exact image of objects, making the smallest details visible.


Three-dimensional Scene Captures with SpaceScan3D

The SpaceScan3D, consisting of a combination of three sensors, enables 3-D scanning of large objects or spaces without any undercuts. Working environments can be scanned precisely, permitting applications such as driverless vehicle navigation.