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WirelessHART Optimizes Coal Conveyor Systems

Coal conveyors are efficiently monitored with ultrasonic sensors and WirelessHART adapters.

The application

Horizontal belt conveyor systems are used to transport coal into storage. An ultrasonic level sensor installed on the belt conveyor gallery determines where sufficient space remains to unload the lignite. The sensor data is transmitted by a wired solution—via a trailing cable.

The goal

To simplify installation, trailing cables are eliminated in the design of new conveyor systems. Additionally, to guarantee the safety of the mobile conveyor system, requirements for operation in hazardous dust areas must also be met.

The solution

A battery powered WirelessHART adapter offers the highest degree of flexibility.
A battery powered WirelessHART adapter offers the highest degree of flexibility.

A WirelessHART adapter is fitted to the ultrasonic level sensor where it reads the data via HART and transmits it to the control system via a gateway. The WirelessHART adapter is battery-powered. It supplies itself and the connected sensor with energy, offering the highest degree of flexibility.

Distances of up to 250 m are possible between the hazardous-location-certified adapter and the centrally installed gateway. If longer routes to the gateway need to be bridged, additional adapters can receive and forward the signal.

The benefits

A stand-alone wireless solution is the best way to transmit signals for continuously moving conveyor systems. This allows trailing cables to be replaced entirely, eliminating the cost of installation and other associated expenses. Battery life for the adapter can last for years, and batteries are replaced conveniently and easily. Due to the gradually changing coal fill level and the mobility of the conveyor belts, this application can be optimally monitored via a small WirelessHART network. In addition to pure process data, WirelessHART also provides valuable diagnostic information, allowing users to detect and counteract faults in a timely manner. This increases the reliability of belt conveyor systems.

At a glance

  • Quick and easy installation of the WirelessHART adapter onto sensors
  • Adapter reads data from the connected HART ultrasonic level sensor via HART and transmits valuable diagnostic information
  • Hazardous dust area certification for coal conveyor systems
  • Battery life of several years