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WirelessHART Connects Mobile Measuring Stations

Flexible infrastructure for portable gas monitoring sensors


A chemical facility measures air quality to detect gas leaks. Mobile monitoring stations are cost-effective and allow measured values to be quickly recorded in the immediate area. Sensors are used to  detect and measure current concentrations of flammable gases and vapors. The monitoring stations use solar-powered batteries and do not require a cable connection to the control level. The WirelessHART adapter must be able to use the energy supplies of the measuring stations.  


Sensor data from the gas detectors should be transmitted wirelessly and securely via WirelessHART adapters. It should also be possible to move the stations to different locations as needed.


The BULLET securely transmits wireless measurement signals and diagnostic data.
The BULLET securely transmits wireless measurement signals and diagnostic data.

A BULLET WirelessHART adapter is installed in every mobile detection unit. The WirelessHART adapter is powered by the measuring station and transmits measurement signals and diagnostic data from the gas sensors to the control room via the WirelessHART gateway. The network manager continuously scans the network and reacts to deviations from normal operation such as:

  • Adding a new wireless sensor
  • Position/location changes to the monitoring station
  • Unstable communcation path/establish better preference path

The network manager carries out the necessary actions to ensure that the WirelessHART network functions at the highest possible level.


Wireless transmission of the measured values and diagnostic data allows the measuring stations to be portable and autonomous. The sturdy, industry-compatible design of the adapters—available in Ex I and Ex d—guarantees high availability of data communication. The ability to easily integrate additional mobile monitoring stations into the chemical facility’s WirelessHART infrastructure makes the BULLET WirelessHART adapter a future-proof investment.

At a glance

  • Mobile measuring stations networked anywhere with BULLET WirelessHART adapters
  • Flexible, situation-based system monitoring with WirelessHART connection
  • Ex d and Ex I-proof design
  • New monitoring stations can be added at any time


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WirelessHART Adapter BULLET

The BULLET is the only WirelessHART adapter on the market in an Ex d housing. Simply connect the BULLET to your field device and enable efficient, wireless signal transmission.