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Wirelessly Networked Tank Farms

Level measurement is efficiently integrated into the process control system


A petrochemical tank farm with 23 storage tanks is connected to the control system via conventional wiring. The project is to retrofit the tanks with additional level measuring technology. New explosion-proof sensors have a 4 mA ... 20 mA interface or HART interface. Additional measuring points will be connected to the central process control system. Sensor connection using cables is not considered due to costs.


Level measurements should be mapped to the tank farm’s higher-level control system. This would allow immediate access to the measurement and diagnostic data. The sensor network should permit field devices to be easily added, allowing for future cost-effective expansions. A battery-powered wireless solution should be avoided.


The BULLET  is integrated wirelessly within the existing network.
The BULLET is integrated wirelessly within the existing network.

The BULLET WirelessHART adapter meets these requirements and can be integrated within the existing loop or supply itself with 24 V power. The adapter, which can be used either in Ex d or Ex i, makes it possible for level sensors and other field devices with 4 mA ... 20 mA output or HART interface to communicate wirelessly with a higher control level. With HART field devices, the multidrop functionality of the adapter makes it possible to collect data from up to eight field devices.


WirelessHART adapters allow wireless network structures to be set up in an integration-friendly and cost-effective way. WirelessHART adapters are configured for the harshest mechanical and environmental demands. The newly integrated sensors in the tank farm have a permanent, secure wireless connection to the control room. Process data and water levels are monitored continuously, and diagnostic data is provided for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

At a glance

  • Loop or mains-powered WirelessHART adapters
  • Retrofitting of instrumentation: Network the tank farm wirelessly
  • Efficient and future-proof integration into a centralized process control system
  • Multidrop allows the connection of up to eight HART field devices


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WirelessHART Adapter BULLET

The BULLET is the only WirelessHART adapter on the market in an Ex d housing. Simply connect the BULLET to your field device and enable efficient, wireless signal transmission.