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New Applications with F99-Fusion Technology


The inclination sensor F99-Fusion opens up new possibilities ...
The F99-Fusion opens up new possibilities.

Inclination sensors are used in a variety of applications—for example, to detect inclination angles on mobile working platforms. But measurements are error-prone as soon as forces other than gravity act on the sensors. The F99-Fusion from Pepperl+Fuchs can compensate for external acceleration, enabling precise measurement, even in applications where there is movement. The F99-Fusion opens up a variety of new applications and increases efficiency in existing ones.

With E1 and GL approvals, the F99-Fusion is also suitable for off-road and marine applications. These features, along with extreme durability, make the new inertial measurement unit an ideal solution for inclination and acceleration detection in mobile equipment applications. 

Monitoring steering-angle limit on inclines


Inclination monitoring on heavy vehicles such as wheel loaders, dump trucks, or forklifts is critical. If they take a turn too sharply on an incline, the vehicle can easily tip over. The F99-Fusion provides 360° monitoring of the vehicle’s inclination. Using the data provided by the sensor, the steering angle on inclines can be limited to prevent the vehicle from tilting. It does not matter if the vehicle is currently accelerating, braking, or turning. Due to the intelligent Sensor Fusion Algorithm, the F99-Fusion compensates for external acceleration. This way, the sensor provides the precise angle of inclination, reliably preventing accidents.

Precise measurement in onboard scales


Saving time and resources is important in any industry. Onboard scales help by calculating load weights directly on mobile equipment. For example, they are used in modern wheel loaders, where the material weight is detected directly in the bucket, or on freighters in large shipping ports. Usually, a short delay is necessary for an exact weight detection. But, as any lost time is costly, measurement errors are often accepted and loading is not paused for the weighing process. With the F99-Fusion, taking a break for weight calculation is unnecessary. Due to the compensation for external acceleration, weight can be detected precisely without any time wasted—even in applications with dynamic motion.


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