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Elcon 1000 Series Adapter Makes K-System Modules Compatible with S1000 Installations


The  Elcon 1000 series adapter enables snap-on connection of K-System modules.
The adapter for Elcon 1000 series installations enables snap-on connection of K-System modules.

The Elcon 1000 series is no longer in production—but this does not mean that users need to completely overhaul their distribution panels. With a special adapter for Elcon Instruments 1000 series modules, Pepperl+Fuchs offers an easy-to-implement adapter solution that allows continued operation and maintenance of existing S1000 installations.

Snap-On Elcon 1000 Series Adapter for Easy Maintenance

The Elcon 1000 series adapter is mounted to the 1000 series termination board, enabling the use of interface modules from the Pepperl+Fuchs K-System. A replacement module is simply snapped onto the corresponding 1000 series adapter and wired via different cable sets depending on the type of K-System device being added.

To ease product selection, the equivalent K-System device for each Elcon 1000 series module is listed inside the adapter’s datasheet.

Highlights of Elcon 1000 Series Adapter

  • Easy maintenance of Elcon 1000 series installations
  • Snap-lock for K-System modules
  • Additional cable sets available depending on K-System interface module


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