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Did You Find Out? Get the Answer to the Riddle of E-News Issue No. 2, April 2020


For a Good Cause

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Find out the maximum payout.

In the advertising brochure of a charity lottery, the slogan "Winnings up to 100 000 Euros" appears. However, the brochure's small print shows that the respective prize is not paid out in full. Instead, a certain part of it is donated to charity. This share is calculated as follows: x% of the winnings is transferred to the charity, and x is calculated by dividing the profit by 1000.

Example: If the profit is 18 000 Euros, 18% of it will be donated to charity and the winner will only receive 14 760 Euros.

What is the maximum payout—in other words, how much money does the winner pocket?


Based on the graph, you can see that with a profit of 50 000 Euros, a maximum of 25 000 Euros will be reached. Thus, the winner can receive a maximum payout of 25 000 Euros.

The function for this is: Payout (win) = win - win * (win / 100000)


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