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Did You Find Out? Get the Answer to the Riddle of E-News Issue No. 4, November 2023


Three Friends Are Having a Barbecue

How does Max divide the €8 fairly between Peter and Laura?

The three friends Max, Peter, and Laura have arranged to meet up for a barbecue. Each of them usually brings a few grilled sausages so that the three of them can eat comfortably together. Max forgot to go grocery shopping that day. Therefore, for once, he doesn’t have any sausages with him.

Luckily, Peter brought five barbecue sausages and Laura three. The three friends shared these among themselves so that everyone was full. To compensate for the fact that Max didn't contribute anything to the meal, he would like to pay the other two €8 for the sausages.

How does Max divide the €8 fairly between Peter and Laura if all three have eaten the same amount?


Since all three ate the same amount, they all ate 8/3 barbecue sausages.

Peter brought 5 grilled sausages with him and ate 8/3 himself. He passed the rest on to Max accordingly.

5 − 8/3 = 15/3 − 8/3 = 7/3 grilled sausages.

Laura brought 3 sausages and ate 8/3. She also gave the rest to Max.

3 − 8/3 = 9/3 − 8/3 = 1/3 grilled sausages.

So Peter gets seven times the amount from Laura. With €8, Max pays €7 to Peter and €1 to Laura.


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