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Examination of Welding Tips on Welding Robot Tongs [Movie]

WTS10 welding tip sensors

In the area of welding robots, costs in terms of both time and money are always incurred when welding tips are burned away, cutting faults are detected, or they simply no longer provide optimum weld quality. The new generation of Series WTS10 welding tip sensors provides contact-free monitoring of the quality of the welding tip faces on both sides of the housing after the cutting operation to detect faults, such as inclusions, incorrect cutting and burrs.

The coaxial-optics system employed, with parallel beams, leads to many improvements and advantages compared to its predecessors. The highlights of this special photoelectric sensor are the large detection range, high switching accuracy, a homogenous light spot and, most importantly, high stability to combat positional and tilt angle deviations of the welding tip.