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Modern Distance Measurement with Pulse Ranging Technology in the VDM100 [Movie]

Unlike other distance sensors, the VDM100 distance measurement sensor is the first to use Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT). Now it is possible to execute production processes, such as the exact positioning of vehicles and ensuring minimum separation, quickly and precisely.

The cost-effective distance sensor achieves long range, accuracy and is insensitive to extraneous light. The VDM100 provides quick response, without mechanical wear and does not require additional components along the measurement path. The distance sensor calculates the exact distance using the time difference between the sent and received light pulses.

A quick-clamp mechanism enables easy installation. Because the transmitter and receiver are integrated in the same unit installation and alignment are completed in one step. With pin point accuracy, the measuring laser beam is adjusted with the provided horizontal and vertical adjuster screws. A laser pointer is also provided for setup; the pointer automatically switches back to normal measurement mode after two minutes.