Precision through Fusion.

Error-free inclination detection for dynamic applications—in 360° and individually adaptable.

Inertial Measurement Unit F99

How to Avoid Incorrect Inclination Angle Values in Dynamic Applications?

Learn how Peter Schmidt found the ideal solution.

Have you ever wondered how you can ensure correct measured values from your inclination sensors while your mobile machines are moving? The data of static inclination sensors is often incorrect due to external impacts, such as potholes or during acceleration. Inertial measurement units such as the IMU F99 from Pepperl+Fuchs are the ideal solution here: The IMU F99 consists of a triple-axis MEMS accelerometer and a triple-axis MEMS gyroscope. An intelligent Sensor Fusion Algorithm combines the data from the accelerometer and gyroscope to compensate for the effects of external acceleration and the actual value is displayed. 

Where is the IMU F99 Used?

Application Examples

IMU F99 applications

Whether for steering angle limitation on wheel loaders or the control of AGVs—the inertial measurement unit IMU F99 is the ideal solution for monitoring inclination and acceleration in dynamic applications. We have compiled six application examples of the inertial measurement unit in our blog article. Which application is yours? 

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Precise Measurement

Inertial measurement units combine an acceleration sensor with a gyroscope and an intelligent Sensor Fusion Algorithm in a single device. This combination allows compensation of even dynamic movements and still ensures precise measurement.

Increased Efficiency

The Sensor Fusion Algorithm intelligently links the various data provided by the gyroscope and the acceleration sensor. External accelerations are compensated and the user receives precise inclination data—even when the system moves, accelerates, or brakes. 

Free Configuration

The type of acceleration compensation can be freely configured. By selecting a compensation range, the individual movement shape is adapted to the respective application. This improves the angular stability even during linear acceleration movements or short-term shock effects such as hitting a pothole.
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Flexible Adaptation

Depending on the requirements of the application, the corresponding measurement output can be freely selected. The output values can be specified variably as raw data, such as temperature, acceleration and rotation rate, or as preconfigured output data.

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