The Key to Digitalization

Tab-Ex 03 and Tab-Ex 04 Pro—The Next Generation of 8" and 10" Android Tablets for Use in Hazardous Areas

Tab-Ex®—The Rugged Tablet Series for Hazardous Areas

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Exploring Mobility

In addition to tried-and-tested product features, the tablet series come with a variety of innovative functions that make digital applications mobile beyond company boundaries. This lays the groundwork for countless Industry 4.0 applications.
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Safety First

Whether as a rugged version for harsh industrial environments or an Ex model for global use, the different tablet generations stand out due to maximum performance and uncompromising safety in hazardous areas.
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IIoT Ready

The combination of powerful software and connectivity to higher-level systems is the ideal solution for complex applications—paving the way for IIoT.
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Mobile Worker Concept

The 8-inch and 10-inch tablets simplify the mobile workers’ day-to-day activities by making live plant data, digital photos, videos, and video streaming possible any time and anywhere. The tablets also feature programmable (emergency) buttons that help improve lone worker protection.

Mobility beyond Company Boundaries

“Exploring Mobility”—as a pioneer in mobility for digital applications, this is what the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom stands for. What began with the first tablet series for hazardous-area applications is now even more future oriented. In addition to tried-and-tested functions, the Tab-Ex® 03 tablets and the Tab-Ex 04 Pro 10-inch, 5G tablet also support innovative features like augmented reality that significantly enhance the usability of Industry 4.0 / IIoT applications.

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Pepperl+Fuchs’ comprehensive portfolio of industrial sensors and Ex equipment combined with ecom’s expertise in mobile devices offer sophisticated solutions for mobile workers. These synergies open up new, innovative applications and harmonized solutions that provide our customers with an essential competitive edge for Industry 4.0.

Use Cases

Mobile Solutions Enhance Efficiency during Operation
The integration of augmented reality applications and connectivity to higher-level information systems combines virtual and real process data and makes your system transparent. This not only provides information about device status and process data, but it can also identify the appropriate system equipment, preventing malfunctions. Whether for navigation through the plant or for maintenance—processes become safer, more user-friendly, and more efficient.
Maintenance in Line with Industry 4.0
Processes and related information are no longer simply visible, but are superimposed directly on the display—without any navigation whatsoever. This enables real-time maintenance. Users can access maintenance cycles and corresponding documentation on-site. Predictive maintenance is also possible, as deviations in the measured values are identified ad fixed automatically.
Successful Turnaround Management Minimizes Downtime
System shutdown and startup procedures involve sensitive and time-critical processes with numerous coordinated activities. Tab-Ex® tablets offer support with augmented reality-based applications: error-free shutdown and startup procedures can be carried out quickly and efficiently with standardized support.
Real-Time Localization and Tracking of Assets
Due to increasing complexity, asset management is becoming increasingly important—especially for companies with multiple sites and numerous sales representatives. In combination with the right apps, organizations can benefit from increases in efficiency and productivity.

Two Tablet Generations—The Ideal Solutions for Mobile Workers

Tab-Ex® 04 Pro

With the largest display in its class, the Tab-Ex 04 Pro is ideal for viewing and interacting with web-based and augmented reality content and apps, even in hazardous areas. A powerful Qualcomm processor enables high data throughput and low latency, whereas 5G and Wi-Fi® 6E connectivity provide the latest in data speeds and functionality.

Tab-Ex® 03

The rugged, highly secure and hazardous area-rated tablet Tab-Ex® 03 continues the success story with the 3rd generation 8" Tab-Ex® series. Tab-Ex® 03 comes in a slim and lightweight design with a new high-performance operating system that powers the tablet with industryleading performance in hazardous areas.

Technical Details—Tab-Ex® 03 and Tab-Ex® 04 Pro

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  • Tab-Ex® 03 Tab-Ex® 03
  • Tab-Ex® 04 Pro Tab-Ex® 04 Pro
Tab-Ex® 03Tab-Ex® 03 Tab-Ex® 04 ProTab-Ex® 04 Pro
Certification Zone 1/21, Div. 1 and Zone 2/22, Div. 2
Operating system Android™ 13
Processor Exynos 9810 (Lhotse) Octa-Core 64-Bit; 4 x 2.7 GHz, 4 x 1.7 GHz
Display 1920 x 1200 pixels (WUXGA), 8" (20,32 cm) TFT, 480 nits (outdoor spec)
Dimensions and weight DZ1: 262,75 x 161,5 x 25,75 mm, approx. 1020 g
DZ2: 126,8 x 213,8 x 9,9 mm, approx. 610 g
D2: 126,8 x 213,8 x 9,9 mm, approx. 550 g
Operating temperature -20 °C ... +55 °C
IP rating IP64
Battery Powerful replaceable 5,050 mAh battery
Camera (rear and front) Rear: 13 MP with autofocus and LED flash;
front: 5 MP
optional: without camera

Sophisticated Features

Samsung DeX Function

Samsung DeX Mode

Mobile and Desktop Experience with Only One Device

With the Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) function, the Tab-Ex® 03 and Tab-Ex® 04 Pro can be used as desktop PCs. Simply drag and drop files from the tablet's DeX window to a compatible desktop PC with a larger screen, mouse and keyboard. This offers companies a cost-effective alternative to desktop-only PCs, allowing them to take full advantage of both designs! 

Samsung KNOX

Security Standard

High Security Standard for Your Mobile Devices

The KNOX mobile security solution is integrated into Samsung mobile devices to protect confidential data and processes. Using the KNOX platform, IT administrators can easily and reliably secure, deploy and manage corporate-owned mobile devices. This ensures that all business requirements are met throughout the device lifecycle, and that confidential data is protected against malware or phishing attacks at all times. Corporate information can only be accessed by an authorized person―which means even if a device is lost, all data remains protected.

Digital Products and Services

Digital Products and Services is a solution that combines automated staging, mobile device management, and device analytics. It can also be deployed as a full-fledged enterprise mobility management system if desired.

At the customer’s request, ecom’s mobile devices can be shipped from the factory with predefined custom configurations such as security settings, applications, and wireless setup. This allows the devices to be deployed anywhere in the world immediately after delivery. The devices can be managed via ecom’s online platform and updated remotely at any time during operation, without the need for an on-site IT staff or headquarters.

In addition, the platform analyzes historical data to identify critical software events, installations, and other safety-critical processes. A statistical accumulation of events can be used to establish correlations and causalities between software errors, geographical data, and Wi-Fi coverage, for example.


Watch the video to learn more about the ready-to-use service that ensures quality and security for all devices.

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