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VisuNet RM Shell 5 for Thin Client Operator Stations

VisuNet RM Shell 5—Smart HMI Solutions for Industry 4.0

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Remote monitoring

VisuNet RM Shell 5 with Control Center enables efficient management of VisuNet Remote Monitors: from configuration to maintenance to support – everything can be done from one central point.
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Efficient profile management

Without leaving their central workstation, administrators can access VisuNet Remote Monitors and create new profiles. Once a profile is created, it can be quickly and easily transferred to any number of remote monitors.
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Secure and reliable

A built-in firewall, USB lockdown, and password-protected user roles meet the highest security standards. Support for third-party antivirus programs such as McAfee Endpoint Security® is another new feature of RM Shell 5.
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With Windows® system access, RM Shell 5 offers expanded administrator capabilities. Administrators can independently install required apps and manage user access rights. Additionally, advanced settings allow them to adapt the firmware based on application needs.

Meeting Future Demands

Installed on thin client operator workstations, VisuNet RM Shell 5 communicates with the process control system or MES via standard Ethernet technology. This smart HMI system combines hardware and software for convenient monitoring and control of your processes and plants. It makes applications visible in hazardous areas while they run on hosts in a non-hazardous area. VisuNet RM Shell 5 is compaible with both modern virtualized and conventional workstation-based process control systems.
New operating system

RM Shell 5 is based on the Microsoft® operating system Windows® 10 IOT Enterprise and supports the latest remote protocols, such as RDP10, VNC and NetC@P. With the Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), Windows makes security updates available on a long-term basis.

Home Screen of the VisuNet RM Shell 5

VisuNet RM Shell 5 features a simple, intuitive user interface. All local remote protocols are displayed on the home screen.

All functions of the RM Shell 5 can also be used on our new mobile industrial tablet thin client which is suitable for use in explosion-hazardous areas. It is based on the ruggedized “Pad-Ex” tablet series from Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom, comes with preinstalled RM Shell 5 and can easily and fast be integrated into the thin client network. This allows users to connect to remote monitors, support staff in the field or just check on the different processes from anywhere in the plant. This provides great flexibility.

NEW! RM Shell to Go

Industrial Tablet Thin Client

Industrial Tablet Thin Client

Simplified profile management

Creating new profiles in Control Center is simple. Administrators can connect to a VisuNet Remote Monitor and create a new profile without leaving their central workstation. The profile can then be conveniently transferred to any number of remote monitors.

Efficient user support

In case of failures, session shadowing function allows administrators to connect to faulty remote monitors and provide support from their own workstation. This central administration point saves resources and increases plant availability.

Innovative VisuNet Control Center Software

VisuNet Control Center software is a highlight of RM Shell 5. It enables efficient, centralized management of VisuNet Remote Monitors.

Marc Seißler, Product Portfolio Manager for HMI Products, shows step by step how to configure a VisuNet Remote Monitor using the VisuNet Control Center.

Secure, Reliable, Flexible

Built-in security mechanisms

RM Shell 5 provides the highest security standards. A built-in firewall and USB lockdown reduce the risk of malware and virus infiltration. A Unified Write Filter protects the drive against malicious programs. RM Shell 5 now also allows installation of antivirus programs, such as McAfee Endpoint Security, for additional malware protection. Password-protected user roles (Operator, Engineer, Administrator) control access rights.


Reliable connection

Advanced functions in VisuNet RM Shell 5 ensure a reliable connection to the host at all times. For instance, you can configure your VisuNet remote monitor to automatically establish a connection to the process control system after startup. If the host fails, RM Shell 5 can establish a predefined backup connection independently, ensuring error-free information display.

More Flexibility

Expanded administrator capabilities offer RM Shell 5 users even more flexibility. Administrators can install all required apps, including antivirus software and drivers for accessories. The administrator determines which users are allowed to access each app. By adjusting advanced settings in the Windows® Control Panel, administrators can adapt the firmware to fit the requirements of their application.


Highlights of VisuNet RM Shell 5

Based on Microsoft® Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC
Convenient remote monitoring via the VisuNet Control Center for more efficiency
Built-in security mechanisms for risk reduction
Control of system access by using password-protected user roles
Expanded administrator capabilities allow adaptation to individual requirements

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