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Serviceline Explosion Protection

RTD Converter FB5204B3

  • 4-channel
  • Inputs Ex ia
  • Installation in suitable enclosures in Zone 1
  • Module can be exchanged under voltage (hot swap)
  • Converter for 2-, 3- and 4-wire RTDs (Pt100 ... Pt1000), slide wire sensors etc.
  • Simulation mode for service operations (forcing)
  • Line fault detection (LFD)
  • Permanently self-monitoring

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs AG.

Download the complete datasheet as a PDF:

Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  FB5204B3

Occupied slots2
Connectionbackplane bus
Rated voltage12 V DC , only in connection with the power supplies FB92**
Power dissipation0.35 W
Power consumption0.35 W
Fieldbus interface
Internal bus
Connectionbackplane bus
Interfacemanufacturer-specific bus to standard com unit
temperature input
Number of channels4
Suitable field devices
Field deviceresistance thermometer
Field device [3]slide-wire sensors
Field device [5]potentiometer
Field device interface
Connection2-wire sensor
Connection [2]3-wire sensor
Connection [3]4-wire sensor
Connectionchannel I: resistance/potentiometer input 1 ... 4
channel II: resistance/potentiometer input 5 ... 8
channel III: resistance/potentiometer input 9 ... 12
channel IV: resistance/potentiometer input 13 ... 16
Measurement rangePt100 (18-390 Ω) (500 Ω incl. line resistance)
Pt200 (37-780 Ω)
Pt500 (92-1952 Ω)
Pt1000 (185-3905 Ω)
Ni100 (69-270 Ω)
Ni500 (345-1350 Ω)
Ni1000 (690-2700 Ω)
Slide-wire sensor0 ... 10 kΩ
Measuring current200 µA
Smallest span50 Ω for 0.1 % accuracy
Linearity error0.1 %
Conversion timemax. 500 ms (4 channels)
max. 1 s (for 4x 3-wire Pt100)
Busy after download5 ... 15 s
Lead resistancemax. 50 Ω per strand
Line fault detectioncan be switched on/off for each channel via configuration tool
Short-circuit< 10 Ω
Open-circuit> 1 kΩ
Transfer characteristics
Influence of ambient temperaturemax. 0,1 %/10 K
LED indicationLED green: supply
LED red: line fault, collective alarm , flashing: communication error
Codingoptional mechanical coding via front socket
Directive conformity
Electromagnetic compatibility
Directive 2014/30/EUEN 61326-1
Electromagnetic compatibilityNE 21
Degree of protectionIEC 60529
Environmental testEN 60068-2-14
Shock resistanceEN 60068-2-27
Vibration resistanceEN 60068-2-6
Damaging gasEN 60068-2-42
Relative humidityEN 60068-2-56
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature-20 ... 60 °C (-4 ... 140 °F)
Storage temperature-25 ... 85 °C (-13 ... 185 °F)
Relative humidity95 % non-condensing
Shock resistanceshock type I, shock duration 11 ms, shock amplitude 15 g, number of shocks 18
Vibration resistancefrequency range 10 ... 150 Hz; transition frequency: 57.56 Hz, amplitude/acceleration ± 0.075 mm/1 g; 10 cycles
frequency range 5 ... 100 Hz; transition frequency: 13.2 Hz amplitude/acceleration ± 1 mm/0.7 g; 90 minutes at each resonance
Damaging gasdesigned for operation in environmental conditions acc. to ISA-S71.04-1985, severity level G3
Mechanical specifications
Degree of protectionIP20 (module) , a separate housing is required acc. to the system description
Connectionremovable front connector with screw flange (accessory)
wiring connection via spring terminals (0.14 ... 1.5 mm2) or screw terminals (0.08 ... 1.5 mm2)
Massapprox. 950 g
Dimensions57 x 107 x 132 mm (2.2 x 4.2 x 5.2 inch)
Data for application in connection with hazardous areas
EU-Type Examination CertificatePresafe 19 ATEX 14058U
MarkingEx-Hexagon II 2(1)G Ex db eb q [ia Ga] IIC Gb
II (1)D [Ex ia Da] IIIC
I (M1) [Ex ia Ma] I
Voltage7.14 V
Current70 mA
Power123 mW (linear characteristic)
Galvanic isolation
Input/power supply, internal bussafe electrical isolation acc. to EN 60079-11, voltage peak value 375 V
Directive conformity
Directive 2014/34/EUEN 60079-0:2012+A11:2013
EN 60079-1:2014
EN 60079-5:2015
EN 60079-7:2015
EN 60079-11:2012
International approvals
ATEX approvalPresafe 19 ATEX 14058U
IECEx approvalIECEx PRE 19.0013U
Approved forEx db eb q [ia Ga] IIC Gb
[Ex ia Da] IIIC
[Ex ia Ma] I
General information
System informationThe module has to be mounted in appropriate backplanes and housings (FB92**) in Zone 1, 2, 21, 22 or outside hazardous areas (gas or dust). Here, observe the corresponding EC-type examination certificate.
Supplementary informationEC-Type Examination Certificate, Statement of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity, Attestation of Conformity and instructions have to be observed where applicable. For information see

Documents: FB5204B3

Instruction manualsLanguageFile TypeFile Size
ИнструкцииBULPDF166 KB
Návod k poużitíCZEPDF161 KB
Instruktions manualDANPDF160 KB
Instruction manualENGPDF167 KB
KasutusjuhendESTPDF155 KB
KäyttöohjeFINPDF154 KB
Manuel d'instructionsFRAPDF164 KB
BetriebsanleitungGERPDF168 KB
Οδηγίες χρήσηςGREPDF173 KB
HandleidingHOLPDF162 KB
Instruction manual / BetriebsanleitungHRVPDF160 KB
Használati útmutatóHUNPDF162 KB
Manuale di istruzioniITAPDF163 KB
Lietošanas pamācībaLAVPDF159 KB
Instrukciju vadovasLITPDF160 KB
Instrukcja obsługiPOLPDF163 KB
Manual de instruçõesPORPDF163 KB
Manual de utilizareRONPDF162 KB
Návod na poużitieSLKPDF162 KB
Navodila za uporaboSLVPDF159 KB
Manual de instruccionesSPAPDF164 KB
ManualSWEPDF157 KB

Approvals+Certificates: FB5204B3

Statements of complianceCertificate No.File TypeFile Size
EU-Declaration of Conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-4263APDF77 KB
Europe Presafe DNV GL II 2(1)G I (M1) ATEX II (1) DPresafe 19 ATEX 14058UPDF607 KB
Presafe DNV GL IECEx Certificate of ConformityIECEx PRE 19.0013ULINK---

Associated Products: FB5204B3

Standard enclosure for FB-System, Max. 48 slots for I/O modules, For PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS DP V1 and MODBUS RTU, Redundancy (field bus and power supply), Housing: stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316Lpa