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Ultrasonic sensor UC500-30GM-IUEP-IO-V15

  • IO-Link interface for service and process data
  • Programmable via DTM with PACTWARE
  • Switch output and analog output
  • Selectable sound lobe width
  • Synchronization options
  • Temperature compensation

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH or Pepperl+Fuchs AG, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  UC500-30GM-IUEP-IO-V15

Product Description
Single head system
General specifications
Sensing range30 ... 500 mm
Adjustment range50 ... 500 mm
Dead band0 ... 30 mm
Standard target plate100 mm x 100 mm
Transducer frequencyapprox. 380 kHz
Response delayminimum : 25 ms
factory setting: 45 ms
Non-volatile memoryEEPROM
Write cycles100000
Indicators/operating means
LED greensolid: Power on
flashing: Standby mode or IO link communication
LED yellow 1solid: Object in evaluation range
flashing: Learning function, object detected
LED yellow 2solid: Object in evaluation range
flashing: Learning function, object detected
LED redsolid red: Error
red, flashing: program function, object not detected
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage10 ... 30 V DC , ripple 10 %SS
15 ... 30 V voltage output
No-load supply current≤ 60 mA
Power consumption≤ 1 W
Time delay before availability≤ 100 ms
Interface typeIO-Link
ProtocolIO-Link V1.0
Transfer rateAcyclical: typical 240 Bit/s
Cycle timemin. 13.2 ms
ModeCOM2 (38.4 kBit/s)
Process data width16 bit
SIO mode supportyes
Input/output type1 synchronization connection, bidirectional
0 Level0 ... 1 V
1 Level4 V ... UB
Input impedance> 12 kΩ
Output rated operating current< 12 mA
Pulse length0.5 ... 300 ms (level 1)
Pulse interval≥ 14 ms (level 0)
Synchronization frequency
Common mode operation≤ 70 Hz
Multiplex operation≤ 90 Hz / n , n = number of sensors , n ≤ 10
(factory setting: n = 5 )
Output type1 push-pull (4 in 1) output, short-circuit protected, reverse polarity protected
Current output 4 mA ... 20 mA or
voltage output 0 V ... 10 V configurable
Rated operating current200 mA , short-circuit/overload protected
Voltage drop≤ 2.5 V
Resolutioncurrent output: evaluation range [mm]/3200 but ≥0.05 mm
voltage output: evaluation range [mm]/4000 but ≥0.05 mm
Deviation of the characteristic curve≤ 0.2 % of full-scale value
Repeat accuracy≤ 0.1 % of full-scale value
Switching frequency≤ 11 Hz
Range hysteresis1 % of the adjusted operating range (default settings), programmable
Load impedancecurrent output: ≤ 300 Ohm
voltage output: ≥ 1000 Ohm
Temperature influence≤ 1.5 % from full-scale value (with temperature compensation)
≤ 0.2 %/K (without temperature compensation)
Compliance with standards and directives
Standard conformity
StandardsEN IEC 60947-5-2:2020
IEC 60947-5-2:2019
EN 60947-5-7:2003
IEC 60947-5-7:2003
Approvals and certificates
EAC conformityTR CU 020/2011
TR CU 037/2016
UL approvalcULus Listed, Class 2 Power Source
CCC approvalCCC approval / marking not required for products rated ≤36 V
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature-25 ... 70 °C (-13 ... 158 °F)
Storage temperature-40 ... 85 °C (-40 ... 185 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Connection typeConnector plug M12 x 1 , 5-pin
Housing diameter30 mm
Degree of protectionIP67
HousingStainless steel 1.4305 / AISI 303
Transducerepoxy resin/hollow glass sphere mixture; polyurethane foam
Mass66 g
Factory settings
Output 1near switch point: 50 mm
far switch point: 500 mm
Output mode: Window mode
output behavior: NO contact
Output 2near limit: 100 mm
far limit: 250 mm
Output mode: rising ramp
output behavior: Current output 4 mA ... 20 mA
Beam widthwide


ECLASS 11.027272803
ECLASS 10.0.127272803
ECLASS 9.027272803
ECLASS 8.027272803
ECLASS 5.127272803
ETIM 8.0EC001849
ETIM 7.0EC001849
ETIM 6.0EC001849
ETIM 5.0EC001849
UNSPSC 12.141111960


CADFile TypeFile Size
3-D model / 3-D-ModellSTP135 KB
CAD Portal / CAD PortalLINK---
EPLAN Data Portal / EPLAN Data PortalLINK---

Approvals+Certificates: UC500-30GM-IUEP-IO-V15

Statements of complianceCertificate No.File TypeFile Size
EU-Declaration of conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-2936BPDF47 KB
UK Declaration of Conformity / UK-KonformitätserklärungDOC-5467PDF40 KB
Canada USA UL Ordinary LocationUL-US-2140156-1 / UL-CA-2133660-1PDF487 KB
EAC OOO Pozhtekh EAC TP TC 020/2011RU ?-DE.??33.B.01788/19LINK---
EAC OOO SERTIFIKO EAC TP TC 037/2016RU ?-DE.??11.?.07176/20LINK---
IO-Link Manufacturer DeclarationCERT-3037APDF140 KB

Software: UC500-30GM-IUEP-IO-V15

Device type managersRelease InfoFile TypeFile Size
DTM UC****-30GM-IUEP-IO-V15 and UC****-30GM-2EP-IO-V15 devices / DTM UC****-30GM-IUEP-IO-V15 und UC****-30GM-2EP-IO-V15 Geräte1.1.0.0ZIP7371 KB
IO Device Description (IODD)
IODDs for UC...-30GM-**-IO-V15 / IODDs f�r UC...-30GM-**-IO-V15V1.01 / 2013-10-29ZIP307 KB
Software Tools
IO-Link Offline Parameterization Tool / IO-Link Offline-ParametriertoolV1.00.006 / 2022-07-10ZIP96138 KB

Associated Products: UC500-30GM-IUEP-IO-V15


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