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Wireless ultrasonic sensor WS-UCC2500-F406-B15-B29-8247

  • Battery operated
  • Transfer of telemetry data via GSM (2G) radio interface
  • Bluetooth interface for adjustment of the sensor

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH or Pepperl+Fuchs AG, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  WS-UCC2500-F406-B15-B29-8247

Product Description
Wireless ultrasonic sensor with GSM (2G) interface
General specifications
Radio networkGSM
Measurement frequency5 min ... 24 h
Main sensor
Detection typeultrasonic
Sensing range150 ... 2500 mm
Dead band0 ... 150 mm
Resolution10 mm (corresponding to 1 LSB)
Accuracy± 3 % of full-scale value over the entire temperature range
Integrated sensor technology
GPS sensor
Accuracy< 2.5 m CEP at -130 dbm
Temperature sensor
Resolution0.5 °C
Accuracy± 2 °C
Electrical specifications
Power supplyhigh capacity lithium battery 3.6 V , 13000 mAh
battery lifetime approx. 5 years under Central European environmental conditions (- 25 °C .... + 70 °C) 3 measurements/day, 1 geolocation/day with 1 wireless transmission/day with sufficient network coverage.
Interface 1
Interface typeBluetooth 5.0 LE
Transmitter radiated power+ 8 dBm
Frequency range2402 ... 2480 MHz
Interface 2
Interface typeGSM
Transmitter radiated power+ 20 dBm
Frequency range2G GSM Quadband: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Transfer frequency5 min ... 24 h
Directive conformity
Electromagnetic compatibility
Directive 2014/30/EUEN 301 489-1 V2.2.0:2017
EN 301 489-17 V3.2.0:2017
EN 301 489-19 V2.1.0:2017
EN 301 489-52 V1.1.0:2016
Radio and telecommunication terminal equipment
Directive 2014/53/EUEN 301 511 V12.5.1:2017
EN 300 328 V2.1.1:2016
EN 303 413 V1.1.1:2017
Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)EN 50581:2012-09
Mech. capacityEN 60947-5-2:2007 + A1:2012
IEC 60947-5-2:2007 + A1:2012
Shock resistanceEN 60947-5-2:2007 + A1:2012
IEC 60947-5-2:2007 + A1:2012
Vibration resistanceEN 60947-5-2:2007 + A1:2012
IEC 60947-5-2:2007 + A1:2012
Climatic conditionsEN 60947-5-2:2007 + A1:2012
IEC 60947-5-2:2007 + A1:2012
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature-25 ... 70 °C (-13 ... 158 °F)
Storage temperature-40 ... 85 °C (-40 ... 185 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Degree of protectionIP66 / IP67
HousingPC (UL94-V0)
TransducerPTFE coated
housing: PBT
Mass600 g
Factory settings
Beam widthmedium
Transfer frequency24 h
Measurement frequency8 h


ECLASS 11.027272803
ECLASS 10.0.127272803
ECLASS 9.027272803
ECLASS 8.027272803
ECLASS 5.127272803
ETIM 8.0EC001849
ETIM 7.0EC001849
ETIM 6.0EC001849
ETIM 5.0EC001849

Documents: WS-UCC2500-F406-B15-B29-8247

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Brief Commissioning Instructions / Kurz-InbetriebnahmeanleitungALLPDF521 KB

CAD+CAE: WS-UCC2500-F406-B15-B29-8247

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3-D model / 3-D-ModellSTP10365 KB

Function: WS-UCC2500-F406-B15-B29-8247

The wireless ultrasonic sensor can be used for remote monitoring of fill level. The fill level, but also other parameters such as geo data and sensor status data, are measured at definable time intervals and stored until the next telemetry data transfer.

The stored sensor data are transferred in definable time intervals wirelessly to a counterpart on the Internet from where they are available for pure display or further processing.

USi-safety Sensor System

The USi-safety ultrasonic sensor system is breaking new ground for safety applications—whether in challenging, dusty environments or in outdoor areas.

Pepperl+Fuchs offers you various downloadable documents containing knowledge on ultrasonic sensors.