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Ex i keyboard with optical trackball EXTA4-*-K8*

  • Degree of protection: IP 65
  • Stainless steel housing
  • National layout variants available for US, GER and FR
  • PC-compatible-keyboard with 105 short stroke keys
  • Designed for use in Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22 hazardous areas
  • USB or PS/2 interface with USB cable
  • UL listed for USA and Canada (in preparation)

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH or Pepperl+Fuchs AG, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

Download the complete datasheet as a PDF:

Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  EXTA4-*-K8*

Product Description
Ex i keyboard with optical trackball
General specifications
TypeKeyboard with optical trackball
Suitable componentsSK-PC-Z1D1-UU1-10-HS and SK-PC-D2-UU1-10-HS
Rated voltageEx i, via data line
Indicators/operating means
Keyboard105 short stroke keys
Keyboard layout: US international, German, French
Diameter50 mm
MaterialPhenolic resin (black)
DriverMicrosoft Mouse ® , USB
Interface typeUSB
Directive conformity
Electromagnetic compatibility
Directive 2014/30/EUEN 61326-1:2013 (industrial locations)
EN 61000-6-4:2007+A1:2011
Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)EN 50581:2012-09
Degree of protectionIP65 in full operation (dynamic)
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature0 ... 50 °C (32 ... 122 °F)
Storage temperature-20 ... 70 °C (-4 ... 158 °F)
Relative humiditymax. 85 % , non-condensing
Mechanical specifications
Materialanodized aluminum , Polyester foil
Mass1.2 kg
Dimensions502 mm x 222 mm x 66 mm
Cut out dimensions450 mm x 152 mm
Cable length5 m / 1.8 m / 1 m
Data for application in connection with hazardous areas
EU-type examination certificateZone 1/21
BVS 07 ATEX E 163 X
Zone 2/22
BVS 21 ATEX E 009 X
MarkingZone 1/21
Ex-Hexagon II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
Ex-Hexagon II 2D Ex ib IIIB T135°C Db
Zone 2/22
Ex-Hexagon II 3G Ex ic IIC T4 Gc
Ex-Hexagon II 3D Ex ic IIIB T135°C Dc
Directive conformity
Directive 2014/34/EUEN IEC 60079-0:2018
EN 60079-11:2012
International approvals
UL approvalin preparation
IECEx approval
IECEx certificateZone 1/21
IECEx BVS 08.0022X
Zone 2/22
IECEx BVS 08.0022X
IECEx markingZone 1/21
Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
Ex ib IIIB T135°C Db
Zone 2/22
Ex ic IIC T4 Gc
Ex ic IIIB T135°C Dc


ECLASS 10.0.119200301
ECLASS 9.019200301
ECLASS 8.019200301
ECLASS 5.127242392
ETIM 7.0EC001692
ETIM 6.0EC001692
ETIM 5.0EC001692
UNSPSC 12.143211706

Documents: EXTA4-*-K8*

ManualsLanguageFile TypeFile Size
ManualENGPDF4087 KB
Instruction manuals
ИнструкцииBULPDF222 KB
Návod k poużitíCZEPDF213 KB
Instruktions manualDANPDF212 KB
Instruction manualENGPDF218 KB
KasutusjuhendESTPDF209 KB
KäyttöohjeFINPDF207 KB
Manuel d'instructionsFRAPDF217 KB
BetriebsanleitungGERPDF220 KB
Οδηγίες χρήσηςGREPDF224 KB
HandleidingHOLPDF214 KB
Instruction manual / BetriebsanleitungHRVPDF210 KB
Használati útmutatóHUNPDF213 KB
Manuale di istruzioniITAPDF214 KB
Lietošanas pamācībaLAVPDF212 KB
Instrukciju vadovasLITPDF213 KB
Instrukcja obsługiPOLPDF215 KB
Manual de instruçõesPORPDF215 KB
Manual de utilizareRONPDF215 KB
ИнструкцииRUSPDF220 KB
Návod na poużitieSLKPDF213 KB
Navodila za uporaboSLVPDF211 KB
Manual de instruccionesSPAPDF216 KB
ManualSWEPDF210 KB


CADFile TypeFile Size
3-D model / 3-D-ModellSTP1721 KB
3-D model / 3-D-ModellSTP7912 KB
3-D model / 3-D-ModellSTP1482 KB
3-D model / 3-D-ModellSTP1328 KB
3-D model / 3-D-ModellSTP1198 KB
3-D model Desktop housing / 3-D-Modell TischgehäuseSTP971 KB

Approvals+Certificates: EXTA4-*-K8*

Statements of complianceCertificate No.File TypeFile Size
EU-Declaration of conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-5046PDF284 KB
EU-Declaration of conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-5048PDF288 KB
EU-Declaration of conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-5047PDF288 KB
/cert/cert6060.pdfBVS 21 ATEX E 009 XPDF1002 KB
China SITIIAS CCC Ex Certificate2021322309003618PDF1217 KB
IECEx Certificate of ConformityIECEx BVS 08.0022XLINK---

Associated Products: EXTA4-*-K8*


USB intrinsic safety barrier for stand-alone keyboard applications, For installation in Zone 2 environments, supplies keyboards in Zone 1/21, 2 USB channels, Data rates up to 480 Mbit/s, Max. cable length 10 m (5 m before device, 5 m after device), Powered via USB, no separate power connection requiredpa

Div. 2 / Zone 2 Ex-rated barrier for use with Class I and II, Div. 2 and Zone 2 keyboardpa

Function: EXTA4-*-K8*

EXTA4-* is an intrinsically safe keyboard with touchpad (EXTA4-*-K4*), joystick (EXTA4-*-K6*) or optical trackball (EXTA4-*-K8*). The interfaces of mouse and keyboard are separated IS-Circuits. Both circuits are lead trough in one connecting cable (connecting cable is included in delivery). The keyboards are designed for panel mounting or for installation in a housing.

The EXTA4-* is designed as accessory for the Pepperl+Fuchs Workstations VisuNet GXP and VisuNet FLX but can be used as stand-alone keyboard in combination with the available barriers as well.

EXTA2 keyboard

The EXTA2 industrial keyboards from Pepperl+Fuchs are specially designed for use in hazardous areas. Visit our blog and learn how to configure them specifically for your application.