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Connection cable V3-GM-OR2M-POC-V11-W

  • Welding-bead resistant
  • Suitable for robotic applications / torsion resistant
  • Degree of protection IP68
  • Free of paint wetting interfering substances
  • Ozone resistant
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Halogen-free
  • Specific design protects against loosening and inaccurate installation

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH or Pepperl+Fuchs AG, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  V3-GM-OR2M-POC-V11-W

Product Description
Cordset M8 socket straight to M12 plug angled A-coded, 3-pin, POC cable welding-bead resistant orange, suitable for robotic applications, torsion resistant, oil resistant, molecularly cross-linked
General specifications
Connector 1
Construction typeM8
Lockingscrew connection
Number of pins3
Connector 2
Construction typeM12
Lockingscrew connection
Number of pins3
Electrical specifications
Operating voltagemax. 48 V AC / 60 V DC
Operating currentmax. 3 A
Degree of protectionEN 60529
Plug connectionconnector M12 x 1 : IEC 61076-2-101
connector M8 x 1 : IEC 61076-2-104
FlammabilityIEC 60332-1-2 , ISO 14572 , ISO 6722
Halogen-freeIEC 60754-2
Hydrolysis resistanceISO 6722
Oil resistanceISO 14572
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature
Plug connector-40 ... 90 °C (-40 ... 194 °F)
Cable, fixed-40 ... 120 °C (-40 ... 248 °F) for 20000 h
-40 ... 150 °C (-40 ... 302 °F) for 3000 h
Cable, flexing-15 ... 120 °C (5 ... 248 °F) for 20000 h
-15 ... 150 °C (5 ... 302 °F) for 3000 h
Pollution degree3
Mechanical specifications
Connector 1
Tightening torque0.4 Nm
Loosening protectionavailable
Tool installationstraight knurling and hexagon nut SW = 9 mm
Mating cyclesmin. 100
Degree of protectionIP68
Connector 2
Tightening torque0.6 Nm
Loosening protectionavailable
Tool installationstraight knurling and hexagon nut SW = 14 mm
Mating cyclesmin. 100
Degree of protectionIP68 / IP69
Cableaccording to IEC/EN 60228 (DIN VDE 0295) class 5
Sheath diameter4.8 mm
Bending radius> 10 x cable diameter, moving
> 10 x cable diameter, fixed
Sheath stripping forcemax. 50 N / 300 mm
Sheath colororange (similar to RAL 2003)
Number of cores4
Core cross section0.34 mm2
Cores colorCore 1: brown
Core 2: not used
Core 3: blue
Core 4: black
Core construction19 x 0.16 mm ∅
Length2 m
Cable codeLi 7Y 41X 4 x 0,34
Drag chain suitability
Torsion cyclesmin. 300000
Torsional stress± 360 °/ 30 cm
Mass87.2 g
PWIS freeyes
Plug connector
Screw connectionZinc diecast, nickel-plated
BodyTPU, black
Contact surfacegold plated (Au)
Core insulationETFE
Welding-bead resistanceyes
Weld spatter resistanceyes
Oil resistanceyes
Hydrolysis resistanceyes
Molecularly cross-linkedyes


ECLASS 13.027060311
ECLASS 12.027060311
ECLASS 11.027060311
ECLASS 10.0.127060311
ECLASS 9.027060311
ECLASS 8.027279218
ECLASS 5.127279201
ETIM 9.0EC001855
ETIM 8.0EC001855
ETIM 7.0EC001855
ETIM 6.0EC001855
ETIM 5.0EC002585
UNSPSC 12.131251501

Details: V3-GM-OR2M-POC-V11-W

Design / Simulation: V3-GM-OR2M-POC-V11-W

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Approvals: V3-GM-OR2M-POC-V11-W

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UK Declaration of Conformity (P+F) / UK-Konformitäterklärung (P+F)DOC-6741ALLPDF212 KB

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