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High temperature identification system OIT200-F113-B12-CB

  • High-temperature code carrier up to 500 °C (932 °F)
  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Integrated illumination

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs AG.

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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  OIT200-F113-B12-CB

Product Description
Optical high temperature identification system, 140  to  200 mm
General specifications
Light sourceIntegrated LED lightning
SymbologiesHole matrix
Data format: decimal
Data capacity: 6 (numerical)
Orientation: omnidirectional
Read distance140 ... 200 mm (Factory setting) max. 260 mm
Reading field210 mm x 135 mm at max. read distance
Functional safety related parameters
MTTFd51 a
Mission Time (TM)10 a
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)0 %
Indicators/operating means
Function indicatorYellow LED: trigger
Yellow LED: code read
Red LED: pre-fault
Red LED: group error
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage24 V DC ± 15% , PELV
Operating current250 mA without output drivers
Physical Ethernet
Transfer rate100 MBit/s
Compliance with standards and directives
Directive conformity
EMC Directive 2004/108/ECEN 61326-1 , EN 61000-6-4
Standard conformity
Noise immunityEN 61326-1
Emitted interferenceEN 61000-6-4:2007/A1:2011
Degree of protectionEN 60529
Approvals and certificates
EAC conformityTR CU 020/2011
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature0 ... 45 °C (32 ... 113 °F)
Storage temperature-20 ... 60 °C (-4 ... 140 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Degree of protectionIP64
Connection8-pin Harting HAN
5-pin M12 socket
Supplied ferrite sleeve for suppression of the Ethernet cable
HousingMetal /high-grade steel powder coated
Massapprox. 3100 g

CAD+CAE: OIT200-F113-B12-CB

CADFile TypeFile Size
3-D model in IGS format / 3-D-Modell im IGS-FormatIGS19411 KB
3-D model in STP format / 3-D-Modell im STP-FormatSTP6938 KB
CAD Portal / CAD PortalLINK---

Approvals+Certificates: OIT200-F113-B12-CB

Statements of complianceCertificate No.File TypeFile Size
EU-Declaration of Conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-2494BPDF499 KB

Software: OIT200-F113-B12-CB

Software ToolsRelease InfoFile TypeFile Size
Software OITControl for configuration and start of operation / Software OITControl zur Konfiguration und Inbetriebnahme08/2012ZIP25036 KB

Associated Products: OIT200-F113-B12-CB


Code carrier for optical high-temperature identification system, stainless steelfa

Cable connector, M12, 4-pin, PVC cablefa
Female cordset, Harting, 8-pin, shielded, PVC cablefa
Connecting cable, RJ-45 to RJ-45, PUR cablefa
Field-attachable "Push-Pull" connectorfa
Field-attachable male connectorfa
Female connector, Harting, 8-pin, field attachablefa
Software for OIT high temperature identification systemfa
Replacement glass for series OIT300, OIT500 and OIT1500fa

Function: OIT200-F113-B12-CB

The stationary scanner OIT200-F113-B12-CB is an optical identification system using the methods of industrial image processing, which finds application in automated manufacturing processes. In particular with bodyshell work, there are harsh ambient conditions, which complicate or render impossible the application of code carriers with electronic components due to cyclical changes in temperature, for example.

For this reason, the high-temperature identification system OIT is fitted with code carriers with massive metal plates provided with a perforated matrix, which can withstand temperatures up to 500 °C and high mechanical loads.

Simple installation as well as commissioning without complicated and long-winded TEACH-IN enable fast application. Plug-in connections for fast exchange of devices and the control with simple command sets through an Ethernet interface ensure very easy operation. A scratch resistant quartz glass pane, which can be replaced, if and when required, as well as the stable metal housing turn the OIT200-F113-B12-CB into a robust and powerful identification system.