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Diffuse mode sensor MLV11-8-500-Ex/40b/112

  • ATEX approval for zone 1 (Gas)
  • Intrinsically safe, Ex op is ia IIC T6 Gb
  • Diffuse mode sensor for standard applications
  • Adjustable sensitivity

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs AG.

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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  MLV11-8-500-Ex/40b/112

Product Description
Diffuse mode sensor, NAMUR, small housing design, 500 mm detection range, infrared light, light/dark on, DC version, NAMUR output, M12 plug
General specifications
Detection range0 ... 500 mm
Light sourceIRED
Light typemodulated infrared light , 860 nm
Functional safety related parameters
MTTFd1319 a
Mission Time (TM)20 a
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)0 %
Indicators/operating means
Function indicatorLED yellow: switching state
Control elementsSensing range adjuster
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage6 ... 15.5 V DC (Ri approx. 0 Ohm)
Switching typelight/dark on, programmable
Signal output1 NAMUR output NC/NO programmable
Directive conformity
Electromagnetic compatibility
Directive 2014/30/EUEN 60947-5-2:2007+A1:2012
Mechanical specifications
Degree of protectionIP67
ConnectionV1 connector (M12 x 1), 4-pin, rotatable through 90°
Optical facescratch resistant plastic lens

Documents: MLV11-8-500-Ex/40b/112

Instruction leafletsLanguageFile TypeFile Size
Instruction leaflet / Beipackzettel ALLPDF308 KB
Instruction manuals
Introduction MLV11 SeriesENGPDF216 KB
Original instructions MLV11-8-500-Ex/40b/112ENGPDF221 KB
Introduction série MLV11FRAPDF99 KB
Notice originale MLV11-8-500-Ex/40b/112FRAPDF229 KB
Einstellung Serie MLV11GERPDF695 KB
Originalbetriebsanleitung MLV11-8-500-Ex/40b/112GERPDF241 KB
Istruzioni originali MLV11-8-500-Ex/40b/112ITAPDF256 KB
Introducción Serie MLV11SPAPDF93 KB
Manual original MLV11-8-500-Ex/40b/112SPAPDF230 KB

CAD+CAE: MLV11-8-500-Ex/40b/112

CADFile TypeFile Size
3-D model in IGS format / 3-D-Modell im IGS-FormatIGS591 KB
3-D model in STP format / 3-D-Modell im STP-FormatSTP205 KB
CAD Portal / CAD PortalLINK---

Approvals+Certificates: MLV11-8-500-Ex/40b/112

Statements of complianceCertificate No.File TypeFile Size
EU-Declaration of Conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-1902BPDF148 KB
EU PTB PTB (Atex)PTB 99 ATEX 2036 XPDF13272 KB
Worldwide PTB IECEx Certificate of ConformityIECEx PTB 12.0061XLINK---