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Photoelectric slot sensor GL5-L/28a/115

  • Miniature design
  • Optimized for the detection of small parts
  • High switching frequency
  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Clearly visible LED functional display

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH or Pepperl+Fuchs AG, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  GL5-L/28a/115

Product Description
Miniature photoelectric slot sensor for the detection of small parts, L design, fork width 5 mm, infrared light, NPN outputs, fixed cable
General specifications
Light sourceIRED
Light typeInfrared, continuous light , 940 nm
Target size0.8 x 1.8 mm
Slot width5 mm
Slot depth8.5 mm
Ambient light limit1000 Lux
Functional safety related parameters
MTTFd3760 a
Mission Time (TM)20 a
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)0 %
Indicators/operating means
Function indicatorred LED lights up when receiving the light beam
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage5 ... 24 V DC , class 2
No-load supply currentmax. 20 mA
Time delay before availability< 2 ms
Switching typelight/dark on
Signal output2 NPN complementary , overvoltage protected
Switching voltagemax. 30 V DC
Switching currentmax. 50 mA , resistive load
Voltage dropmax. 0.2 V at 10 mA max. 0.6 V at 50 mA
Switching frequencymax. 5 kHz
Response time40 µs Light beam is not interrupted
80 µs Light beam is interrupted
Repeat accuracy0.03 mm
Compliance with standards and directives
Directive conformity
EMC Directive 2004/108/ECEN 60947-5-2:2007+A1:2012
Standard conformity
StandardsUL 60947-5-2
Approvals and certificates
UL approvalcULus Recognized, Class 2 Power Source
CCC approvalCCC approval / marking not required for products rated ≤36 V
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature-25 ... 55 °C (-13 ... 131 °F)
Storage temperature-30 ... 80 °C (-22 ... 176 °F)
Pollution degree2
Mechanical specifications
Degree of protectionIP50
Connection2 m cable , 4 x 0.08 mm2 , PVC
Mass25 g
Tightening torque, fastening screws0.6 Nm
Height26 mm
Width18.5 mm
Length15.5 mm
Cable length2 m


ECLASS 13.027270909
ECLASS 12.027270909
ECLASS 11.027270909
ECLASS 10.0.127270909
ECLASS 9.027270909
ECLASS 8.027270909
ECLASS 5.127270909
ETIM 9.0EC002720
ETIM 8.0EC002720
ETIM 7.0EC002720
ETIM 6.0EC002720
ETIM 5.0EC002721
UNSPSC 12.139121528

Details: GL5-L/28a/115


The GL5 miniature slot sensor compares a high optical performance in a small housing and is optimized to the requirements in semiconductors industry for small part detection. A wide voltage range of 5 - 24 V DC and the fastest switching frequency of 5 kHz in its class stands for the quality of this sensor. The integrated aperture allows the small part detection with a minimum object size of 0.8 x 1.8 mm. The sensor offers antivalent npn or pnp outputs. Due to a variety of different housings and an optimized housing concept offers the sensor a maximum of freedom in a crowded mounting environment.

Design / Simulation: GL5-L/28a/115

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Approvals: GL5-L/28a/115

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Canada USA UL Ordinary LocationUL-US-2141290-2 / UL-CA-2134655-2ALLPDF550 KB
Canada USA UL Ordinary LocationUL-CA-L87056-31-21105002-0 / UL-US-L87056-11-21105002-0ALLPDF546 KB
Declaration of Conformity
EU Declaration of Conformity (P+F) / EU-Konformitäterklärung (P+F)DOC-0918CALLPDF304 KB
UK Declaration of Conformity (P+F) / UK-Konformitäterklärung (P+F)DOC-5356ALLPDF297 KB