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Light grid LGS100

  • Automation light grid
  • Optical resolution 100 mm
  • Super-fast object detection, even with 3-way beam crossover
  • Software-free adjustment of height monitoring
  • Object identification using integrated object recognition
  • IO-Link interface for service and process data
  • Optional temperature range to
    -30 °C

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH or Pepperl+Fuchs AG, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

Download the complete datasheet as a PDF:

Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  LGS100

Product Description
Automation light grid with beam spacing of 100 mm, IO-Link interface, push-pull output, fixed cable with M12 plug
General specifications
Effective detection rangeStandard : 0.3 ... 6 m
Option /35: 0.5 ... 8 m
When beam crossover is activated, the detection range starts at 0.6 m
Threshold detection rangeStandard : 7.5 m
Option /35: 10 m
Light sourceIRED
Light typemodulated infrared light , 850 nm
Field heightsee Table 1, max. 3000 mm
Beam crossoverFactory setting: three beam crossing, deactivateable
Beam blankingadjustable max. 2 fixed suppressible beam areas (blanking)
Beam spacing100 mm
Number of beamssee Table 1, max. 31
Operating modeEmitter: Emitter power adjustable in two ranges
Optical resolutionwithout beam crossover: 100 mm
with beam crossover: 50 mm with in 25%  and  75% of the range
Opening angle10 °
Ambient light limit> 50000 Lux (if external light source is outside the opening angle)
Functional safety related parameters
MTTFd78 a
Mission Time (TM)20 a
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)60 %
Indicators/operating means
Operation indicatorPower on: LED green, statically lit , Undervoltage indicator: Green LED, pulsing (approx. 0.8 Hz) , short-circuit : LED green flashing (approx. 4 Hz)
Function indicatorEmitter: Yellow LED, illuminates at high emitting power, off at low emitting power
Receiver: Yellow LED: illuminates when an object is detected flashes when falling short of the stability control (4 Hz)
Error message: Yellow LED flashes (8 Hz) in emitter and receiver
Control elementsReceiver: 2 touch buttons for programming
Parameterization indicatorIO link communication: green LED goes out briefly (1 Hz)
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage18 ... 30 V DC
Ripple10 %
No-load supply currentEmitter ≤: 50 mA
Receiver: ≤ 150 mA (without outputs)
Time delay before availabilitysee Table 1, max. 1.1 s
Interface typeIO-Link
ProtocolIO-Link V1.0
ModeCOM2 (38.4 kBit/s)
Test inputEmitter switch-off with +UB or 0 V at pin 4 (emitter)
Function inputRange input activation from 1.6 m (or 2 m in case of option /35) with +UB or 0 V on pin 2 (emitter)
Teach-In input for programming on pin 8 (receiver)
Stability alarm outputStability Control (SC) 1 PNP, short-circuit protected, reverse polarity protected on pin 2 (receiver)
Switching typeFactory setting: dark on , Switchable to light-on mode
Signal outputSwitching output (detection field C/Q) 1 push-pull (4 in 1) output, short-circuit protected, reverse polarity protected on pin 4 (receiver),
Height monitoring (H1, H2. H3) 3 push-pull (4 in 1) outputs, short-circuit proof, reverse polarity protected on pin 5, pin 6, pin 7 (receiver)
Switching thresholdFactory setting: The signal tracking for the threshold value is deactivated, increasing the optical resolution by a maximum of 4 mm; switchable to active signal tracking
Switching voltagemax. 30 V DC
Switching currentmax. 100 mA
Voltage drop≤ 2 V DC
Switching frequencysee Table 1, max. 135 Hz
Response timesee Table 1, max. 6 ms
Timer functionOff-delay programmable from 0 ... 1.25 s in 5 ms steps (adjustment via IO-Link only)
Communication interfaceIEC 61131-9
Product standardEN 60947-5-2
Approvals and certificates
EAC conformityTR CU 020/2011
Protection classIII ( IEC 61140 )
UL approvalcULus Listed
CCC approvalCCC approval / marking not required for products rated ≤36 V
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperatureStandard : -10 ... 60 °C (14 ... 140 °F)
Option /146: -30 ... 60 °C (-22 ... 140 °F)
Storage temperature-30 ... 70 °C (-22 ... 158 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Conductor cross sectionmin. 0.25 mm2
Housing width20 mm
Housing depth30.5 mm
Housing length Lsee Table 1, max. 3160 mm
Degree of protectionIP67
ConnectionEmitter: connecting cable with 4-pin, M12 x 1 connector , 330 mm total length
Receiver: connecting cable with 8-pin, M12 x 1 connector , 350 mm total length
Housingextruded aluminum section , Silver anodized
Optical facePlastic pane , Polycarbonate
Masssee Table 1, max. 1650 g (per profile)
Cable lengthmax. 30 m


ECLASS 11.027270910
ECLASS 10.0.127270910
ECLASS 9.027270910
ECLASS 8.027270910
ECLASS 5.127270910
ETIM 8.0EC002549
ETIM 7.0EC002549
ETIM 6.0EC002549
ETIM 5.0EC002549
UNSPSC 12.139121528

Approvals+Certificates: LGS100

Statements of complianceCertificate No.File TypeFile Size
EU-Declaration of conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-0227BPDF184 KB
Canada USA UL Ordinary LocationE87056LINK---
IO-Link Manufacturer DeclarationPF 13 CERT 2629PDF230 KB

Software: LGS100

IO Device Description (IODD)Release InfoFile TypeFile Size
IODD for LGS series / IODD für LGS-SerieV1.03.004 / 2018-08-15ZIP2664 KB
Software Tools
IO-Link Offline Parameterization Tool / IO-Link Offline-ParametriertoolV1.00.006 / 2022-07-10ZIP96138 KB

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Function: LGS100

The LGS automation light grid series detects objects ranging in size from small to large. The very slender light grids have a modular design and come in different beam spacings and field heights. All signal evaluation takes place inside the unit. The lightweight systems can be integrated in their surroundings in a well-designed configuration, which means that machines and plants in temperature ranges between -30 °C ... +60 °C can be designed more compactly.