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Sensor adapter CP-ADP-MS-1/4-M14 5pcs

CP-ADP-MS-1/4-M14 5pcs
  • Suitable for 1/4'' flexible metal conduit

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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  CP-ADP-MS-1/4-M14 5pcs

Product Description
Sensor adapter for M14 sensors and 1/4" flexible metal conduit
Mechanical specifications
External thread
Thread typemetric
Thread sizeM18 x 1.5
Internal thread
Thread typemetric
Thread sizeM14 x 1
Screwed connectionbrass, nickel-plated
Slotted nutbrass
Clamping ringnickel-plated brass
Mass44 g
General information
Scope of delivery5 item(s)
Supplementary informationobserve mounting instructions

Documents: CP-ADP-MS-1/4-M14 5pcs

Short instructions, safety informationLanguageFile TypeFile Size
Instruction Manual Cable Protection SystemENGPDF1106 KB
Montageanleitung KabelschutzsystemGERPDF705 KB

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1/4" flexible metal conduit 10 mfa
Matching system components
Cable gland M12 for cable diameter 1 ... 5.2 mm and 1/4" flexible metal conduitfa
Cable gland M16 for cable diameter 1 ... 5.2 mm and 1/4" flexible metal conduitfa

Function: CP-ADP-MS-1/4-M14 5pcs

The sensor is screwed into the internal thread of the sensor adapter. The sensor adapter is used in conjunction with a suitable flexible conduit and a suitable cable gland to form a cable protection system for sensors. The purpose of this system is to protect the sensor wiring in harsh environments.