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RFID Transponder IUC76-F157-T17-M-FR1

  • Operating frequency 865 … 868 MHz
  • Complies with EPC Gen2 (ISO/IEC 18000-63)
  • Sturdy housing, suitable for rough industrial use
  • Optimized for mounting on metal
  • For general purpose applications

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs AG.

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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  IUC76-F157-T17-M-FR1

Product Description
Data carrier for standard applications
General specifications
Operating frequency865 ... 868 MHz
Chip TypeHiggs-3 (Alien)
Memory Bank 00 (Reserved)64 Bit
Memory Bank 01 (EPC/UII)96 ... 480 Bit
Memory Bank 10 (TID)64 Bit
Memory Bank 11 (User memory)512 Bit
Read cyclesunlimited
Write cycles100000
Data retention period50 years @ 77 °C (170.6 °F)
Directive conformity
Electromagnetic compatibility
R&TTE Directive 1995/5/ECEN 302208-2:2011 V1.4.1
Standard conformity
Electromagnetic compatibilityEN 302208-2:2011 V1.4.1
Degree of protectionEN 60529:2000
RFIDISO/IEC 18000-63:2013
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature-40 ... 85 °C (-40 ... 185 °F)
Storage temperature-40 ... 150 °C (-40 ... 302 °F)
10 minutes at 250 °C (dry heat) for 250 test cycles,
1 hour cooling
Shock and impact resistance3 ft (1m) to concrete up to 200 cycles
Mechanical specifications
Degree of protectionIP68
HousingPA 6
On metalyes
Mass26 g
Construction typeRectangular type

Approvals+Certificates: IUC76-F157-T17-M-FR1

Statements of complianceCertificate No.File TypeFile Size
EU-Declaration of conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-3628PDF162 KB

Associated Products: IUC76-F157-T17-M-FR1

Accessory of
Read/Write head for IDENTControl, Europe, Middle East and Africafa
Read/write head for IDENTControl, USA and Argentinafa
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