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Portable Cameras

The CUBE 800 dual camera system with HD optics and integrated thermal imaging camera allows users to choose between optical and thermal camera mode or to combine both modes. In addition to HD video and images, these also provide a condition analysis of infrastructures, which can be viewed on mobile devices as well as saved and shared via the Onsight Connect platform. The body scan function enables non-contact temperature measurements of groups or individuals. This means that it is now possible not only to monitor plants, production lines and critical infrastructures for heat sources, but also to check individuals for elevated body temperature.

An integrated light ring and built-in laser pointer allow the camera to be precisely aimed and images to be captured accurately, even in difficult lighting conditions. Attached to hard hats or headbands, the camera system allows for a hands-free operation in the field. Even shots in hard-to-reach (hazardous) areas are possible using a monopod or extension pole.

Approved for: ATEX, IECEx, NEC/CEC, Zone 1/21 and Div. 1