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ML100 Series

Simple Housing Concept, Advanced Optical Features

ML100 Series

The ML100 sensor combines all advanced photoelectric functional principles in a simple, rectangular miniature housing design to solve all kinds of demanding automation tasks. It features M3 metal threaded mounting holes, a bright emitter LED and a highly visible LED status indicator. A sensitivity adjuster and a light-on/dark-on changeover switch allow greater flexibility and increased control of the sensing or detection range. The sensor housing is cULus listed and CE, UKCA, and CCC certified. Due to its ruggedness, the ML100 series can easily withstand cold-storage applications with temperatures down to −30 °C. All optical versions come cabled or with M8 connectors, as well as with NPN and PNP outputs. This helps users meet the requirements of any installation.

Technologies: PowerBeam vs. BlueBeam

ML100 series with BlueBeam technology

PowerBeam Technology

The PowerBeam technology is known to have the highest operating reserve among competitors, ensuring the most stable and reliable operation. The highly visible emitter LED allows for easy alignment and convenient setup of the sensor. Its large, bright and uniform light spot is especially useful for retroreflective sensors, even for those with small reflectors.

BlueBeam Technology

The BlueBeam technology is similar to the PowerBeam technology, but features a blue LED with a wavelength of 470 nm. It has an equally powerful and uniform light spot. This can be used to solve some of the most difficult tasks in the electronics industry, including the detection of blue solar wafers and printed circuit boards (PCBs).


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Problem Solver

The ML100 sensor with its 1‑inch spaced mounting holes unites all basic photoelectric functional principles in a rectangular miniature housing. Additional application-specific versions are available, making the ML100 series ideal for demanding applications where other sensors have reached their limits.
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One Sensor, Many Optical Solutions

From the simple diffuse mode sensor to specialized sensors with triple light spots or BlueBeam technology, users can choose from a variety of sensing modes to find the perfect solution for their applications.
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Highly Reliable Sensor

With its solid design, robust electronics and strong optical performance, the ML100 is extremely reliable. It has proven to work tirelessly in all kinds of environments. Once installed, users typically won’t have to worry about the sensor for years.
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Rugged and Versatile

The ML100’s various sensing modes and impact- and vibration-resistant housing make it versatile—from sensitive applications in the electronics industry to rugged applications in the material handling industry.


Diffuse Mode Sensors with Background Suppression (BGS)

Excellent BGS performance for demanding applications
BlueBeam for solar wafer and PCB detection
Standard BGS performance for standard applications
Infrared (IR) light for non-intrusive object detection
Small light spot for small object detection
Triple light spots for reliable triple redundancy detection

Diffuse Mode Sensors

Standard object detection
Large light spot for shiny or transparent object detection
Elongated red light spot for stable PCB detection
Elongated IR light spot for PCB detection with AOI cameras
Elongated BlueBeam for blue solar wafer or PCB detection

Retroreflective Sensors

Long range for detection of opaque standard objects
Reduced range for detection of shiny or opaque objects
Very short blind range for short-range applications
Infrared (IR) light for non-intrusive detection
Contrast setting for glass or low-contrast detection

Thru-Beam Sensors

For standard applications
Extended range for long-range applications
Infrared (IR) light for non-intrusive detection
Internal slit for fine positioning or small object detection
Internal slit for fine positioning or small object detection
Internal slit for fine positioning or small object detection


Reliable Airport Baggage Handling
The retroreflective sensors of the ML100-54 series are e.g. used when shiny objects need to be detected and the screw torque cannot be controlled. In baggage detection, these sensors ensure that even shiny baggage is detected during check-in on the conveyor belt.
Smooth Processes in Laundry Folding Machines
Some short-range applications with shiny backgrounds require retroreflective sensors and an optical reflective film to ensure reliable object detection. In laundry folding machines, the ML100-54-F sensors ensure a smooth folding process.
Object Detection on Standard Conveyors
In standard conveyor applications, the ML100-55 retroreflective sensors with polarization filter are most commonly used for object detection.
Simple Glass Detection in Bottling Plants
The ML100-55-G retroreflective sensor for glass detection is suitable for simple glass detection applications with standard objects such as glass bottles, medical vials or multiple layers of glass.
Detection of Goods at Supermarket Checkouts
The ML100-6-IR retroreflective sensors without polarization filter are the ideal solution for applications where intrusive visible red light is unwanted, e.g. for the detection of goods at checkouts in supermarkets.

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