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Optical Identification

The applications in the field of optical identification could not be more diverse. Whether particularly large reading and detection ranges, DPM codes, extreme temperatures, high speeds, or exposure to dust and dirt—Pepperl+Fuchs offers the optimal solution for every case. From 2-D code readers and handhelds to barcode scanners and special solutions—the mobile and stationary sensors reliably and safely solve track-and-trace applications with a wide variety of code types and under the most challenging conditions.

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Identification Systems

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2-D Code Handheld Readers
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Mobile and Stationary Sensors

Mobile and Stationary Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of mobile and stationary code readers that cover all conventional code symbologies. The powerful devices read all common 1-D and 2-D codes with high reliability, regardless of whether they are printed, lasered or needled.
Optimal Performance in Any Range

Optimal Performance in Any Range

Pepperl+Fuchs’ optical identification systems offer the ideal solution for distances of up to 2 meters. Not only do they read very small codes with module sizes as small as 0.1 mm, they also cover particularly large detection ranges. This means they offer the right distances and detection ranges for maximum reading performance at all times.
The Right Solution for Every Application

The Right Solution for Every Application

Whether difficult environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, dust or dirt, or applications that require particularly high scan rates—the optical identification systems reliably solve every identification task and can be optimally adapted to specific application requirements.
Fast and Easy Integration

Fast and Easy Integration

Due to various interfaces such as Ethernet-based fieldbuses, Ethernet TCP/IP, USB, serial interfaces, I/Os or even radio interfaces such as Bluetooth®, the optical identification systems can be seamlessly integrated into all system environments. The powerful devices convince not only with fast integration, but also with simple commissioning.

Automatic Identification of Moving Vehicles in Automotive Manufacturing

Identification of Moving Vehicles

In automotive manufacturing, a conveyor system transports body components to the final assembly area, where the vehicles are constructed according to the requirements of the respective end customer. To do this, the car body must be uniquely identified using a QR or DataMatrix code as it passes the code reading station. The VOS2000-I vision sensor offers the ideal solution for this. Read the application report to find out how objects in motion can be reliably detected thanks to extremely fast shutter speeds ...

Features of the VOS-Ident

Powerful and Highly Adaptable
The VOS Ident series impresses with enormous flexibility in use due to a variety of sensor variants and numerous possible combinations of external components. For standard applications, the VOS2000-I is the ideal solution. In addition to a very high resolution of 1.2 megapixels, the sensor features integrated white lighting and multiple lenses for the detection of large and small fields of view. For even more flexibility, Pepperl+Fuchs offers the VOS2000-I and VOS5000-I code readers as C-mount variants. Here, in addition to the lens, you can select the appropriate external lighting depending on the application requirements.
Flexible Output String Formatting through Powerful Script Functionality
With the powerful script, the output string can be adapted for integration into the ERP system without time-consuming adjustments. With I/O, Ethernet TPC/IP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and RS-232, all relevant interfaces for data communication are available.
Multicode Reading and Detection of Smallest Codes
In electronics manufacturing, codes of various types are located at different positions on the printed circuit boards. With the multiwindow function, the VOS Ident can create several reading windows and can capture up to 64 codes in each window with the multicode function. The universal code reader also reads extremely small codes with a module size down to 0.1 mm with maximum reliability.
Multipage Reading and Large Sensing Ranges
The VOS Ident masters even demanding applications with particularly large detection ranges and multipage reading. Several devices can be easily interconnected to implement multipage reading. The high resolution and the multisensor combination enable reliable code reading in a large detection range.
Reliable Reading of DPM Codes

The VOS Ident is ideally suited to the requirements of the automotive industry. The devices detect needled and lasered codes at distances of up to 2 m. Due to the decoder specialized in DPM reading, they reliably read the codes at all times, even under difficult conditions, such as shiny components.

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Strong Performance in Low-Temperature Applications

VB14N-T Barcode Scanner Ensures Optical Identification in Deep-freeze Warehouses

When storing frozen products, a temperature of –18 °C must not be exceeded. The goods are transported on trays to which barcodes are attached. These codes are used to clearly identify the products and transport them further. However, the extreme temperatures in deep-freeze warehouses place special demands on the sensor technology of barcode scanners. Read in the application report how the barcode scanners of the VB14N-T series withstand extreme temperatures from –35° C to +45° C while providing maximum reading performance …

2-D Code Handheld Readers

Handheld Readers of the OHV Series

Handheld Readers of the OHV Series

Highly reliable reading performance, easy handling and perfect adaptation to customer-specific requirements—this is what the handheld readers of the OHV series stand for. The devices reliably read all 1-D and 2-D codes, including DPM codes, even on reflective surfaces. They are available with cables or wireless. Additionally, the devices provide user feedback in the form of acoustic, tactile and visual signals, ensuring maximum process reliability for your application. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a suitable handheld reader for every application requirement in the field of mobile identification—whether standard or demanding tasks.

Special Solutions

OIT High-Temperature Identification System

OIT High-Temperature Identification Systems

The OIT high-temperature identification system ensures smooth process operation under the most demanding conditions, such as cyclical temperature changes, extremely high temperatures of up to 500° C or exposure to dust or paint. This makes the system ideal for use in painting lines, drying plants, electroplating plants or bakeries. The integrated diagnostic function ensures safe process sequences. Learn in the application report how the OIT reliably identifies freshly painted car bodies despite extreme ambient temperatures …

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