Pile Driver™ Metal Face Sensors

F76M and F104M Inductive Sensors


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Rugged Sensor Series

All the metal face sensors come with a stainless steel sensing face which makes them less susceptible to physical damage, including abrasion and impact. Discover the rugged sensor series that ensure for increased plant availability in stamping or metal forming applications!
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Weld-immune Versions

Especially rugged, weld-immune versions are also available for demanding applications with high temperatures and and/or weld spatters. With a weld slag resistant coating and burn-proof cable versions, these types of sensors are ideally suited for use in harsh industrial applications!
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Smallest and Lowest Profile Sensor

As the smallest metal face inductive sensor available on the market, the F76M features a compact housing design that fits in tight spaces unreachable by any other metal face product. The small sensor can be recess mounted 0.5mm in steel, with no effect on the sensing range.
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Pioneer in Sensor Technology

As the inventor of the proximity sensor and a pioneer in sensor technology, Pepperl+Fuchs is continuously developing new products and technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into your unique application. Benefit from more than 60 years of experience in inductive sensor technology!

Resistant to Heavy Loads and Forces

In extremely harsh industrial environments, inductive sensors are often exposed to mechanical stress that can shorten their life cycle which leads to an increased downtime. When used in machine tools, for example, high forces, abrasion, and aggressive chemicals take a toll on sensors. For such applications, Pepperl+Fuchs offers metal face sensors that feature a self-contained stainless-steel housing with a metal sensing face.
Compared to standard cylindrical models, the Pile Driver™ inductive sensor series will be the smallest metal face sensors on the market that allow for more mounting possibilities in various applications.

Discover the F76M and F104M inductive sensors that help increase plant availability!


Resistant to harsh ambient conditions such as humidity and mechanical shock
A self-contained stainless-steel housing with metal sensing face ensures corrosion resistance, impermeability, pressure resistance, wear resistance, durability and reliability
C-series metal face sensors are resistant to weld spatter
F76M and F104M sensors offer an extended sensing range

Maximum Durability and Compact Design

F104M Sensor with a 6 mm Sensing Range

pile driver metal face sensor

The surface mount Pile Driver™ offers 20 % more sensing distance than a traditional proximity sensor, while requiring only 1/10 of the mounting space. The F104M sensor offers a cubical design (32x20x8mm) with a 6 mm sensing range, whereas the even smaller cubical F76M sensor (30x8x5.5mm, right image) features a 2 mm sensing range—the same sensing range as an 8 mm cylindrical pile driver. Dedicated FE and NFE models detect steel or aluminum at full range.

F76M Weld-Immune Sensor with a 2 mm Sensing Range

pile driver metal face sensor

The F104M sensor offers an 8 mm profile, whereas the F76M sensor comes with an ultra-low, 5.5 mm profile, allowing users to integrate them in tight spaces while maintaining a maximum sensing performance and high uptime. The sensor’s sophisticated cable design is insensitive to oils, abrasion, and extreme heat. Molded power and output LEDs provide continuous status information, making it easier for users to detect if the sensor is in bad condition which helps prevent downtime.

Overview—Metal Face Portfolio


Made for Use in Welding Cells
Welding cells require for rugged, durable sensors that can withstand the harsh conditions, including severe heat and metal spatter. The weld-immune models feature a POC cable jacket that’s completely immune to metal spatter, making it the ideal sensor solution for such applications.
Rugged, Fluid-Resistant Sensor Series
Standard models come with a cut-resistant PUR jacket that is immune to cutting fluids and oils. The sensor's high-density encapsulate prevents liquid ingress, making it perfectly suited for reliable obejct detection in machines.
Crash Prevention During Stamping Process
During a stamping process the Pile Driver™ identifies short/over feeds or pulled slugs before a completed downstroke, thus preventing die crashes. This makes the sensor series ideal for part presence verification on grippers and transfer press fingers.
Mounting Flexibility
The sophisticated surface mount design in an ultra-low, 8 mm profile allows users to integrate it in areas previously not possible for metal-face sensors. Its in-line, molded power and output LEDs provide continuous visual indication of the operational status.

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