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Customized Solutions

As Individual As You

As production plants become more automated and process plants grow more complex, the tasks and challenges of our customers are changing. As automation experts, we would like to partner with you to pave the way for a digital future—with solutions as individual as you.

The experts at Pepperl+Fuchs plan, develop, and implement customized solutions that are tailored to the needs and applications of our customers in both factory automation and process industries. Because every customer and every project is unique. We take care of every step, from the first draft to the ready-to-use solution. This is so you can focus on your core business and leave your automation tasks in the hands of a specialist.

No matter whether you need a custom design, a new mounting option, or a complete package of individual components and software—we will use our passion for automation and technical know-how to find the solution that works best for you. Because for us, solutions are only technically perfect if they solve your problem completely.

According to Your Needs
Depending on the needs of your specific application, individual solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs can range from minor adjustments and specially developed products to a complete package that includes integration and certification. No matter how comprehensive the adjustments and specific developments, our solutions are always based on individual consulting and regular communication with our customers. This applies to both factory and process automation. An understanding of your application and our expertise in automation are the foundation for a solution that is right for you.
Individual Solutions for Factory Automation
Pepperl+Fuchs’ factory automation division offers a broad portfolio of products for a range of industrial sectors. If we have a product that is an almost perfect fit for your application, we will modify it to meet your requirements exactly—whether cable length, connection type, or another minor adjustment. If products from our standard portfolio cannot solve your task, we will partner with you to develop a customized solution based on existing technologies. This solution can include adjustment of the design, mounting option, hardware, and software. If the customized solution must be integrated directly into your system, the experts at Pepperl+Fuchs will develop the right tools and take care of integration into your process, connection to your ERP system, and programming the control system.
Watch our video to see an example of a joint solution.
Individual Solutions for Process Industries
Pepperl+Fuchs’ process automation division can look back on more than 60 years of experience in electrical explosion protection. When combined with comprehensive technological know-how, this means that our experts are equipped to meet all kinds of requirements and develop the exact solution that your application needs—even for hazardous locations and harsh environments. Pepperl+Fuchs has set up Solution Engineering Centers (SECs) around the world dedicated to these customized solutions for process automation. During engineering and implementation, our experts take care of everything for you: From drafting the proposal and initial solution to engineering and designing the complete solution, including certification. We always work in close collaboration with you.
Learn more about the Solution Engineering Centers in our video.

Story: Engineering for Health—Individual and Diverse

HMI solution for biopharmaceutical production

To continually monitor the complex processes involved in the production of biopharmaceuticals, it is necessary to use products and technologies that allow all relevant information to be reliably accessed in the production area while also complying with strict GMP guidelines. For an Irish manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed around thirty different individual solutions for its human machine interfaces (HMI), which employees can use to reliably control and monitor production processes.

Story: Next-Level Kanban

Bosch Connected Industry: Next-Level Kanban

Kanban systems are indispensable in manufacturing plants and offer many advantages. Nevertheless, error-prone manual workflows and low digitalization mean that there is room for improvement. Bosch Connected Industry (BCI), Pepperl+Fuchs, and Neoception have partnered together to develop a complete solution that adapts Kanban racks for Industry 4.0 and is equally suited for greenfield projects and retrofits.

Powerful Network

Pepperl+Fuchs Group customers do not just benefit from our extensive know-how in electrical explosion protection and industrial sensor technology. With engineered product developments, tailor-made systems, smart automation systems for the aviation industry, and individual process analyses and IoT solutions—customers have access to a powerful network of experts.

The start-up Neoception, for example, develops innovative software solutions and industrial IoT services that are tailored to customers' business processes and requirements. Using customer-specific analysis, the team helps increase the efficiency of plants and processes, and taps into hidden potential.

Powerful Network

Our focus is always on your individual requirements. Fueled by a passion for automation and groundbreaking technology, the companies of the Pepperl+Fuchs Group are committed to working in partnership with you—now and in the future.

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