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All stainless steel ultrasonic sensor


Ultra-compact stainless steel sensor

Ultracompact all stainless steel sensor

With a diameter of 18 mm and a length of just 55 mm, UMB800 is the most compact ultrasonic sensor in its class. The housing consists of all stainless steel (1.4404/316L), and all materials are FDA-compliant. A large detection range and highly compact design open up new automation possibilities in hygienic or other demanding applications.
EHEDG and ECOLAB certification

EHEDG and ECOLAB certification

Certified by EHEDG and ECOLAB, the sensor and its specifically designed mounting flange fulfill requirements for use in product contact zones of food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Integration is very easy: no cleaning processes need to be changed when the sensor is added to an existing system.
Resistant against chemicals and detergents

Insensitive against chemicals and detergents

The robust all stainless steel design of the UMB800 ultrasonic sensor withstands contact with aggressive chemicals and detergents with ease. This ruggedness enables easy cleaning procedures with short cleaning cycles and increases overall machine availability.
IP68/IP69K washdown and steam-clean immunity

High-temperature and washdown resistance

The UMB800 ultrasonic sensor features IP68/IP69K degrees of protection and easily handles high-pressure steam-cleaning. In addition, it is resistant to significant temperature fluctuations and remains functional even at a continuous operating temperature of up to 85 °C.

A Design Specially Developed for High Requirements

Blind zone of only 70 mm 
Detection range of up to 800 mm
Reliable, color-independent measurement
Sensor and mounting flange with EHEDG certification
Very easy, tool-free assembly
Fast and easy cleaning 

UMB800 - designed for high requirements

Regulations for automation components used in hygienic applications are strict. The special design of our UMB800 ultrasonic sensors covers all typical demands for use in food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries

UMB800 Use Cases

Reliably detect and safely package foodstuffs in automated machinery

When food is packaged by automated machinery, every package must be be filled with the correct quantities before the plastic thermoformed tray is sealed. Ultrasonic sensor UMB800 detects the good regardless of colour, surface or the amount of moisture. Large detection range and reliable switching allow packaging of shells with different fill levels that can all be checked. Hygienic design of the sensor helps to avoid any risk of foodstuff contamination.

Ultrasonic sensor UMB800 detecting foodstuffs

Process safety when dispensing tablets, capsules, and granules

Before being packed in blister packaging or poured into bottles, free-flowing pharmaceutical products are temporarily stored in hoppers on the machine to ensure a constant supply in the packaging process. Being able to detect the point of minimum fill quantity is just as important as preventing a container from overfilling at the product supply area. The UMB800 enables fill levels and limit levels to be detected and measured directly in the hoppers.

Ultrasonic sensor in pharmaceutical application

Interested in more ultrasonic sensor use cases? Download our technology guide

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Monitoring in coating processes

Before metal parts can be coated or painted, residues containing oil and grease must be removed from the surface. This takes place in an acid immersion bath. Here, two ultrasonic sensors monitor the presence of the metal parts before and after being immersed in the dip tank. If a part is left behind, the process can be stopped immediately. The fill level of this tank can reliably be controlled using an ultrasonic sensor. If the minimum fill level is reached, the UMB800 with its signal starts the automatic refilling of acid. When reaching the maximum fill level, the ultrasonic sensor switches off the acid feed.

Ultrasonic sensor UMB800 in chemical application

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