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November Issue

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Whether at the push of a button or the traditional turn of a key, when the engine starts, the thrill of driving can begin. However, before a car can hit the road, it first has to take a long trip through production. Here, the factory glistens with heat—when liquid iron or aluminum is cast for an automotive engine block, temperatures can exceed 1,000 °C. This process is error-prone. To prevent incorrect castings, the SpinScan3D system from Pepperl+Fuchs’ subsidiary VMT Vision Machine Technic Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH checks the casting molds during quality control. Find out about how sensor symbiosis achieves absolute measurement accuracy.

Experience more of our topics in the latest issue of NEWS FOR FACTORY AUTOMATION:

  • RFID as the key to the smart factory: Three experts provide insight into the development of noncontact identification and how it unlocks Industrie 4.0.
  • The perfect match: two versions of the SmartRunner make flexible production possible.
  • R100 puts the pieces together: no missing puzzle pieces thanks to photoelectric sensors.
  • Trust is good, redundancy is better: encoder solutions ensure safety.
  • iGo where you go: the R2000 helps out with picking.
  • All of Asia in one country: Singapore combines dazzling modernity with colorful tradition.


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