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Enterprise Mobility for Explosion-Hazardous Areas


ecom offers a comprehensive Mobile Worker concept

Smartphones and tablets are now indispensable in both private and professional environments. They are the cornerstones of a new technological era in industry. The networking of people, processes, machines, and systems is also the biggest challenge and opportunity of today's world. Companies that make use of the possibilities of digitalization will benefit from more effective production, work, and maintenance processes, as well as streamlined decision-making processes and higher margins. However, to exploit the advantages made possible by Industrie 4.0 in terms of competitiveness, productivity, and profitability, no single solution is crucial; rather, an integrated, compatible portfolio of solutions based around the networked "mobile worker."

Mobile Worker concept offers individual solutions

ecom offers a comprehensive Mobile Worker concept from a single source, alongside a large selection of hardware and partner-software products for use in harsh, potentially explosion-hazardous environments. Each individual solution combines uncompromised safety with the highest level of functionality—including all necessary approvals and certificates for the specific application.

Overcome challenges with mobile devices

Increasing digital communication also means higher demands on end devices, which need to be equipped with WLAN, WWAN, Bluetooth, GPS, and/or RFID technology so as to be location-independent and able to communicate reliably online. ecom therefore offers within the Mobile Worker concept a whole family of compatible tablets, smartphones, and Windows Tablet PCs, including peripherals and accessories. These customer-oriented solutions improve ease of operation for mobile users in the oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as other industrial sectors. The mobile products are suitable for use throughout the world and can be used, depending on the model, in harsh environments up to ATEX Directive Zone 1/21 or Division 1.

New routes through innovation and flexibility

Particularly in the era of Industry 4.0, mobile solutions from ecom allow for unlimited communication in explosion-hazardous environments. The focus here is on technologies and applications that reduce costs and increase efficiency. Professional software solutions for data acquisition such as the ecom CamScan Keyboard app allow users to dispense with further hardware such as barcode scanners and increase the quality of data acquisition. Designed especially for frequent scans and for large read ranges, ecom offers various hardware-based solutions from the barcode/RFID reader Ident-Ex® 01 to the first intrinsically safe PDA i.roc® Ci70 -Ex. ecom has also taken advantage of new fields of innovation through beacon technology. The Loc-Ex® 01 BLE Beacons, which were developed especially for explosion-hazardous areas, are used together with mobile devices, resulting in an innovative business-intelligence and localization solution. Companies are thus in a position to increase staff productivity, improve the quality of their data, and speed up and optimize decision-making processes.

More information on products and solutions from ecom: www.ecom-ex.com


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