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WirelessHART Gateway with EtherNet/IP Connection to Distributed Control System


The WirelessHART Gateway with EtherNet/IP connection
The new WirelessHART Gateway connects via EtherNet/IP to control systems

The WirelessHART Gateway from Pepperl+Fuchs is now available with an EtherNet/IP connection to distributed control systems. The complete integration into the Rockwell control system means that the numerous advantages of WirelessHART technology are now accessible for a larger user group.

Among those advantages are:

  • Bridging of wide distances via the repeater function of the mesh-network
  • Reduced wiring effort saves time and money
  • Subsequent or temporary installation of field devices for more flexibility

With the WirelessHART Gateway from Pepperl+Fuchs, parameterization, detection, network analysis, and optimization become significantly more comfortable for users.

Rapid parameterization and complete detection

The WirelessHART Gateway comes with a physical Ethernet interface and a RS485 interface. HART IP and EtherNet/IP are transmitted via Ethernet interface. All standard EtherNet/IP connections are supported. Up to 40 participants including the gateway interact in one network and are completely detected by the control system.

Due to full integration in add-on profiles for Rockwell Automation Logix Controller and electronic data sheets, a time-consuming parameterization of the network participants is no longer necessary. Addresses only need to be distributed to the participants via HART modem or Device Type Manager. This task can easily be performed parallel to the setting of network IDs or join keys. All other settings are carried out by the control system itself.

Network analysis and optimization

WirelessHART Gateways from Pepperl+Fuchs are known for their integrated tools which allow detailed network analysis and optimization. This also applies for the newest edition with EtherNet/IP connection.

The graphical network analysis provides information on the actual state of the WirelessHART network at a single glance. An additional feature is the processing of measured values and diagnostic signals of the participants in a list that can also be saved outside of the gateway. Such functions do not demand additional software – they are available on the integrated webserver of the gateway and can be accessed parallel to operation.