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New Portfolio of Operator Elements for Control Stations Ex e


Control stations Ex e with various operator elements
Enclosures made of stainless steel or glass fiber reinforced polyester build the foundation for application of the various operator elements

Control of machinery or plant facilities does not seem like an especially complicated task. Still, things tend to get a little more complex once those operations have to be performed in explosion hazardous areas. For that purpose Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of Ex e control stations for which a new and extremely versatile set of operator elements has been recently released. These operator elements include:

  • Pushbuttons featuring various colors and labels as well as illuminated variants
  • Mushroom pushbuttons including latching versions with pull or key release
  • LED indicator lights in various colors
  • Rotary switches covering various switching actions up to four positions as well as various contact configurations. Shrouded versions are available as well
  • Potentiometers for various resistance ranges
  • Ammeters with various scales up to 2500 A
  • Operator accessories including various labels, emergency stop flaps, and accidental operation shrouds with locking feature

Control stations are certified Ex de, Ex ib, and Ex tb for use in all hazardous areas up to Zone 1 and 21. All of the noted operator elements are mounted in the enclosure lids and can be combined freely in various enclosure formats. Durable materials allow use even in areas with harsh environmental conditions or high requirements for hygiene. Cable entries and gland types will be integrated as specified by the customer.

Sturdy enclosures for safe application of operator functions

The basis for the application of operator elements is formed by two series of high-quality enclosures. The GLCP series is based on enclosures made from glass fiber reinforced polyester. Seven different sizes are available for control stations. Up to 35 of the new operator elements can be integrated in one enclosure, thus allowing the design of the most space-efficient control solution.

Control stations of the FXLSCP series are manufactured from durable stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance and are available in five sizes. Their electro-polished surface provides tarnish protection. The largest enclosure version is ready for the integration of up to 56 cover-mounted operators. The FXLSCP enclosures feature a return flange sealing method which prevents accumulated dust, dirt, and moisture from entering the enclosure when the hinged lid is opened.

Support from specification to commissioning

Our Solution Engineering Centers are spread across the world and will support you through the process of creating your individual solution – from the selection of operator elements and enclosures, through the design and manufacturing, on to the final commissioning of your tailor-made control station. Contact us to specify your individual requirements.