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New Inductive Flat Series F148 of Mobile Equipment Sensors


Inductive Flat Series F148 of Mobile Equipment Sensors
Inductive flat series F148 meets Mobile Equipment requirements.

The new inductive flat series F148 of Mobile Equipment sensors offers the user increased reliability due to non-contact and wear-free positioning. These inductive sensors are an ideal alternative to serviceable rope pull systems. The optimized flat design of this robust series is especially suitable for use in tight spaces.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

High-quality sensor technology in a special flat housing design

Due to the compact housing design, the new F148 inductive flat series significantly differs from comparable systems. In combination with the angled connector, the design allows a space-saving through-hole mounting. For applications that require very small sensor technology, the new F148 inductive flat series is the right choice.

Designed for demanding outdoor applications

Mobile equipment demands sensors that are tough enough to meet challenging outdoor requirements. Whether in the field of agricultural and forestry machinery, municipal vehicles, or construction machinery Pepperl+Fuchs` Mobile Equipment sensors are specifically designed for harsh environmental conditions. The new F148 inductive flat series is characterized by its extreme robustness. According to a number of environmental tests, the new series easily withstands heavy outdoor challenges. This is illustrated by its unprecedented service life, and also offers the user a high degree of reliability.

Easy and fast installation without adjustment

Another advantage of the new F148 inductive flat series is its simple and quick installation. The convenient push-through technique of the sensors requires no additional adjustments. This allows a safe installation and easy replacement of the devices.

Highlights of the new F148 inductive flat series for Mobile Equipment

  • Non-contact, wear-free positioning for increasing reliability
  • Optimized flat housing design for angled, space-saving through-hole mounting
  • Absolute position, no loss of position at machine shutdown for safe load torque calculation
  • Adjustment-free mounting for safe installation and replacement
  • Meets the extreme demands on sensor technology for mobile machines
  • Extended switching distance to compensate for mechanical tolerances