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Heavy-Duty Incremental Rotary Encoder Series ENI11HD - Tough in Rough Conditions


New ENI11HD heavy-duty incremental rotary encoders
Get to know the new heavy-duty incremental rotary encoders ENI11HD.

In the steel industry, shipbuilding, in mines, or on offshore facilities - materials weighing hundreds of tons often need to be moved. For this purpose, large asynchronous motors provide the required power. Highly robust rotary encoders such as the new ENI11HD series are used for machine feedback in order to control the speed and the sequence of the individual process steps.

Brave the elements

Constant vibration, powerful shocks, and shaft currents are strong enough to destroy the ball bearings in conventional rotary encoders - but not in the ENI11HD. These new heavy-duty incremental rotary encoders are resistant to such pulsating currents. With their robust design, the rotary encoders are unaffected by the electrical currents generated by the induced voltages and the constant rotation of the motor shafts.

Reliable and easy to handle

The new heavy-duty incremental rotary encoders ENI11HD are very robust and combine a long service life with a high level of reliability. The cover on the junction box, which can be rotated 4 x 90 ° provides greater flexibility during installation. The easy cable connection saves installation time and provides freedom to use various cables in the field.


  • Resistance to shaft currents increases bearing life
  • Flexible installation with four-position connection access
  • Robust construction provides extreme shock and vibration resistance
  • High degree of protection, IP66/IP67 and IP69K, for use in harsh applications
  • Reliable operation under very high EMC conditions