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Easy and Reliable Field Monitoring with the R2000 Detection 2D Laser Scanner (2-D LiDAR Sensor)


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Discover the R2000 Detection 2D laser scanner!

The R2000 Detection 2D laser scanner (also known as 2-D LiDAR sensor) distinguishes itself by its exceptional detection performance. The switching scanner of the R2000 series impresses with its technical features and its easy handling.  The laser scanner can be used for a wide range of applications, such as in intralogistics or material handling.

High-precision measurement results due to Pulse Ranging Technology

Equipped with the innovative Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT), the 2D laser scanner (2-D-LiDAR sensor) ensures accurate and reliable measurement results in various ambient and object conditions. The R2000 Detection has a measuring module that rotates on a rigid axle, enabling 360° measurements at exactly the same level. Even the smallest of objects such as thin wires can be detected due to the high angular resolution of up to 0.071°. Additionally, the R2000 Detection 2D laser scanner surprises with its compact housing design for fast mechanical integration.

Easy handling

In addition to its high performance level, the monitoring specialist R2000 Detection convinces with its simple and intuitive handling. With the help of the Device Type Manager (DTM), up to 4 freely defined detection fields are quickly determined.

The all-rounder for a variety of detection and monitoring tasks

The R2000 Detection 2D laser scanner (2-D-LiDAR sensor) masters numerous monitoring tasks:

  • Overhang, gap control, empty storage bay detection in an ASRS facility
  • Collision avoidance in AGV and stacker cranes, overhead conveyors
  • Freely navigating platforms

The R2000 Detection 2D laser scanner (2-D-LiDAR sensor) reliably recognizes broken pallets.

Defective pallets and protruding parts can lead to collisions during automatic compartment assignment in high-bay warehouses, causing major property damage. The extra plane scanning axis in combination with the sharp light spot passing directly under the cover enables monitoring only a few millimeters below the inspecting level.  Even small fragments or broken pallets are reliably detected and displayed.

Highlights of the R2000 Detection 2D laser scanner

  • Innovative Pulse Ranging Technology for high precision and reliability
  • Sharp pinpoint light spot allows detection of small objects, reflectors, or edges
  • 360° measurement for all-round visibility
  • A stable, wobble-free scanning axis guarantees precise monitoring of the scan surface
  • Highest angular resolution of any digital I/O scanner on the market - 0.071°- ensures detection of extremely small objects
  • Simple handling - 4 freely configurable detection fields easily link to the digital outputs