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Automation Award 2014: Concept Study SmartBridge® Awarded with 2. Place


Automation Award 2014: SmartBridge voted 2nd place winner
With 27.5% of the votes, the concept study SmartBridge was voted into second place in the "Standard Components & Sensor Technology" category at this year's Automation Award. A jury, consisting of committee members from SPS IPC Drives, VDMA, ZVEI, and editorial office elektro Automation, nominated ten products, from which visitors of SPS IPC Drives 2014 could select their favorite.

What is SmartBridge®?

SmartBridge bridges the 'digital divide' between the service interfaces of modern sensors and mobile consumer end devices. SmartBridge enables wireless communication – even during operation. The system consists of a wireless adapter and a tablet computer or smartphone equipped with the SmartBridge app.

The adapter is looped into the existing wiring between the sensor and control unit. It accesses the sensor data without feedback and establishes a wireless connection to a mobile end device. Power is supplied to the adapter via the sensor supply cable.

The SmartBridge app provides a clear and intuitive overview of the sensor data on a tablet computer or smartphone, supplementing difficult-to-reach control and display elements such as colored or flashing LEDs as well as membrane buttons.

Customary mobile end devices can now serve as mobile display units for commissioning, service, and maintenance of industrial sensors. Even recording measured values and diagnostic data from the sensor for later evaluation is possible with the SmartBridge app.