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Purge and Pressurization Solutions for Zone 1/21 ATEX and IECEx Applications—6500 Series Raises the Bar


Purge and Pressurization series 6500
The 6500 Series purge and pressurization solution is comprised of an innovative control unit and relief vent.

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the new Bebco EPS 6500 series purge and pressurization system. Designed specifically for Zone 1/21 applications, this completely automatic purge and pressurization solution allows end-users an advanced, yet straightforward approach to protecting electrical circuits in explosion hazardous areas through the flexible Ex p protection method.

Advanced features for seamless monitoring

The 6500 series purge and pressurization solution is comprised of both a control unit and a relief vent. Engineered in a sleek, 316L stainless steel housing, the control unit is available in either internal or external mounting options. This modular design provides simple integration and setup in a variety of applications and enclosures. With an intrinsically safe user-interface, users have complete control of their purge and pressurization application. A wide-range of user selectable configurations includes immediate shutdown to the enclosure in case of pressure loss and bypass controls for simple maintenance and configuration.

In addition to its universal design, the 6500 series offers users a fully automatic solution for continuous monitoring and control of the enclosure housing the electrical components. To avoid unnecessary alarms and maintenance downtime, the 6500 series provides automatic leakage compensation by continuously monitoring the internal pressure of the enclosure and compensating the flow of air to account for drops in pressure beyond a user-defined setting.

Furthermore, the 6500 series also features automatic temperature monitoring and control using a standard 2-wire PT100 RTD. Based off user-defined settings, the 6500 series can monitor the internal temperature of the enclosure and adjust airflow, set an alarm, or automatically activate an external cooler or heater to maintain the proper temperature range. This not only affords users the confidence of safe operation, but it also extends the life of the electrical components inside the enclosure.

Industry-leading connectivity

A free app for smartphones or tablets allows you to easily link to the 6500 control unit via Bluetooth.

In today’s demanding hazardous location process environments, having real-time control of your process applications is crucial. That is why we have raised the bar when it comes to having continuous control and monitoring capabilities of the purged enclosure. The 6500 series offers a control unit with industry leading HART and Bluetooth connection and communication. In addition, the 6500 vent provides continuous readouts of both pressure and flow for added monitoring functionality.

The new 6500 series purge and pressurization control unit comes standard with:

  • RS-485 communication port with HART protocol—designed for various control functions and diagnostic capabilities directly to an AMS or PLC system.
  • Bluetooth capability—allows users to connect and monitor multiple 6500 units without physically linking and provides ability to upload pre-configured settings to new or existing units.

In addition, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a free app for smartphones or tablets that allows you to to easily link (through a secure connection) to the control unit via Bluetooth. Available for android and iOS devices, this app provides the ability to monitor or configure multiple control units remotely. The app also doubles as a training device, allowing users the ability to access the 6500 series interface and learn the various settings and features of the system prior to configuration/maintenance.

Engineered purge and pressurization components for demanding automation applications

Pepperl+Fuchs offers complete, certified Ex p solutions.
Pepperl+Fuchs offers complete, certified Ex p solutions.

Beyond the control unit, the 6500 series can be paired with a variety of components to solve many of today's demanding applications for electrical devices in explosion hazardous areas. These components, such as the digital 6500 series EPV vent, allow various flow rates (low, high, and continuous flow) to provide a proven solution for multiple applications and enclosure sizes.

One key application that the 6500 series tackles head on is gas analyzers. Modern, high-tech gas analyzers have become a critical component in monitoring and measuring trace gas elements throughout the petrochemical and LNG processing phases. With a consistent flow of hazardous gas being passed through the electrical measuring devices, end-users are faced with the difficult situation of providing a safe and reliable explosion protection method to house these analyzers. Through its intrinsically safe proportional valve and continuous flow vent, the 6500 provides a continuous movement of air around the enclosed gas analyzer, creating a safe dilution of the hazardous gases surrounding the enclosed electrical components. In return, this provides a simple and cost-effective solution for gas analyzer manufacturers.

At a glance

  • New Zone 1/21 ATEX and IECEx purge and pressurization solution with SIL2 assessment
  • Fully automatic solution for monitoring and control of enclosure temperature and pressure
  • Industry leading connectivity with HART and Bluetooth connection directly to the control unit
  • Flexible vent design and components for applications that call for continuous flow/dilution