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Precise Measurement and Reliable Detection of Small Parts with the R20x Series from Pepperl+Fuchs


R20x Series Photoelectric Sensors
R20x Series Photoelectric Sensors n Automotive Industry

Reliability and precision are crucial in automotive bodyshell manufacturing. Many jobs are carried out by robots. This is where R20x sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs come into play by enabling the robots to perform their work smoothly. These photoelectric sensors determine the transport speed, measure the operating distances, and ensure the grip of the robots as well as the detection of small parts and features.

Variety of Applications for the R20x Series

Demand-Oriented Sensing Solutions for Measurement of Operating Distances

R20x and R10x series photoelectric sensors
R20x and R10x series photoelectric sensors

R20x series sensors combine unique flexibility and a variety of possible applications. In addition to medium-sized R200 and R201 series, compact R100, R101, and R103 series with the same features are also available. They differ only in mounting method and housing design. While the R10x series master short-range applications, the R20x series are perfect for longer-range sensing.

Highlights—R20x Series Photoelectric Sensors

  • Standard housings for flexible installation, even in space-restricted applications
  • Eye-safe DuraBeam laser technology and proven Multi Pixel Technology for maximum reliability and accuracy
  • Continuous communication via IO-Link enables versatile applications
  • Identical control and display concept for all sensors for a simple and intuitive user interface


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R10x and R20x series photoelectric sensors

For the first time, users gain a consistent solution range of photoelectric functional principles and innovative technologies in each identical housing. Discover the new R10x and R20x series …