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VisuNet RM Shell 6 for Thin Client Operator Workstations

VisuNet RM Shell 6—Innovative Firmware for Remote Monitors and Box Thin Clients

The VisuNet RM Shell 6 with additional Control Center software is the latest firmware generation for remote monitors (RM) and box thin clients (BTC). The innovative HMI firmware allows for remote managing of multiple devices from a centralized workstation, eliminating the need to enter the field physically.

VisuNet RM Shell 6 Screen

Installed on thin client operator workstations, VisuNet RM Shell 6 allows access to the process control system or manufacturing execution system (MES) via standard Ethernet technology and makes process data transparent. Due to the latest Windows® security features, the firmware for remote monitors and box thin clients ensures a maximum of security. 

Highlights of VisuNet RM Shell 6

Based on Microsoft® Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC
Latest Windows security features and built-in security mechanisms for risk reduction
Optimized usability due to a clear user interface, a smart taskbar, and innovative functionalities
Convenient, efficient remote monitoring via the VisuNet Control Center
Expanded administrator capabilities allow adaptation to individual requirements

State-of-the-art Thin Client Technology

Optimized usability

Smart and Simple: Optimized Usability

VisuNet RM Shell 6 enables the seamless integration of thin clients and remote monitors into conventional and virtualized process control systems. The new user interface simplifies both configuration and operation. To optimize user experience, the smart taskbar allows one-click access to the most relevant key functions. This functionality enables users to implement and manage complex application scenarios such as switching between multiple remote desktop connections—e.g. RDP to VNC—with a single click. Advanced functions in RM Shell 6 ensure a reliable connection to the host at all times. For instance, users can configure their remote monitors to automatically establish a connection to the process control system after startup.

Hybrid system management for OT and IT users makes RM Shell 6 simple and smart for all user groups: While OT administrators can use a simple guided setup for standard configuration, experienced IT administrators can access the Windows desktop and advanced settings.

The latest generation firmware has a customizable, fresh look: The new dark mode option ensures better readability even in difficult lighting conditions. Users can also customize the user interface to match their corporate design.

Security Standards RM Shell 6

Highest Security Standards

VisuNet RM Shell 6 meets the highest security standards. It includes not only the latest Windows security features and a Windows user-based access control, but various other security mechanisms as well such as a Unified Write Filter (UWF), USB lockdown. A configuration timeout ensures that configuration mode is automatically closed and other users cannot get unauthorized system access. In addition, Pepperl+Fuchs regularly publishes security patches on their website and offers an update service informing users as soon as a new software update is available.

Expanded administrator capabilities offer VisuNet RM Shell 6 users even more flexibility. Administrators can install all required applications, including third-party virus scanners and drivers as accessories. The administrator determines which users are allowed to access each app.

Maximum Efficiency

In combination with the VisuNet Control Center add-on tool, users are able to efficiently configure and manage devices with RM Shell from a central location. There is no need to enter hazardous areas or clean rooms to set up and maintain a remote monitor or box thin client.

Users of the VisuNet Control Center can connect to any remote monitor with RM Shell, monitor the device status and screen content, and even take over control remotely. Once a remote connection profile has been set up or downloaded from an RM, it can be uploaded to multiple other RMs. If the operating personnel needs support, the session-shadowing function allows administrators to connect to affected remote monitors and provide support from their own workstations. This central administration point simplifies support, saves resources, and increases thin client availability.

VisuNet Control Center

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