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Less is better [Movie]

G10 Safety Modul – Small, smart, and modular

Pepperl+Fuchs presents the worldwide smallest AS-Interface safety module in the ultra-compact G10 module with IP67 protection. The G10 safety module simply disappears in the cable duct and allows direct connection of safety devices up to Performance Level e (Ple). Magnet, position, key or cable operated switches are fully integrated into AS-Interface safety. Same for emergency stop switches, door locks and even light flat cable, close down, tighten the screw. Done! Fast, easy, modular and without complicated parallel wiring.

All Advantages of G10 safety module at a glance:

  • Smallest full featured IP67 AS-Interface Safety module
  • Three-Step easy mounting: Insert flat cable, close G10, secure mounting screw. Done!
  • Ultra compact Connect & Done design fits into every cable duct
  • Less connection and less cost through direct connection to all standard safety switches
  • Transforms any standard safety switch into an AS-Interface solution