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New Magnetic Rotary Encoder Technology

Magnetic Precision. Under any Condition.

Rotary encoders are suitable for measuring the rotation, angular speed, or position of moving parts in a wide range of areas. In comparison to other magnetic encoders the new magnetic encoder family offers unique robustness and precision.

Highlights at a glance

  • Non-contact technology for high reliability 
  • High precision from 1° to 0.1° 
  • Robust design for applications in harsh environments 
  • Long service life and reduced service times 
  • Compact design for many applications

Many applications

  • General engineering
    Precise position and speed measuring
    Compact housing for applications in medical technology and laboratories
  • Mobile equipment
    Perfect for applications under difficult environmental conditions, like dust, liquids, temperature, vibration, or shocks
  • Wind industry
    Precise control of the rotor blades pitch angle (pitch control) in wind power systems or monitoring the position of the nacelle (azimuth angle)