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The R2100 Multi-Ray LED Scanner (2-D LiDAR Sensor) Creates New Opportunities for a Variety of Applications [Movie]

The R2100 Multi-Ray LED scanner (2-D LiDAR sensor) pushes the realm of possibility one step further by combining Pulse Ranging Technology with Ultra-IR LEDs and Multi-Ray Scan. Multiple LED transmitter elements arranged next to each other provide a two-dimensional surface measurement with eleven light spots. This ensures reliable detection of any surface, regardless of shape or texture.

The R2100 creates new opportunities for a variety of applications, e.g. in Mobile Equipment, Intra Logistics or Machine Engineering.


  • PRT provides reliable and precise distance measurement information
  • Ultra-IR LEDs guarantee powerful performance and long life
  • No moving parts for added durability in difficult application environments
  • 2D measurement with Multi-Ray Scan
  • Multiple, wide-beam emitters ensure reliable object detection regardless of surface texture
  • Low current consumption reduces energy-related design and operating costs
  • Fast response time for rapid processes