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Skid Control in Automotive Bodyshell Construction with Photoelectric Sensors
  Photoelectric Sensors

Reliable Skid Control in Automotive Manufacturing

At a speed of around 60 m/min, skids transport parts along automotive production lines. Read about how R201 photoelectric sensors detect these skids and ensure interference-free processes … more
Tracking Materials on Spools with Identification Systems
  Identification Systems

Tracking Materials on Spools

Tire manufacturers process a variety of raw materials and semi-finished products to achieve smooth rolling and an optimal grip. Learn more about reliable and material-independent detection with our HF RFID technology … more
Coordinated Cable Protection System for Harsh Conditions
  Proximity Sensors

Complete Solution from a Single Source

Pepperl+Fuchs' new cable protection system offers a perfectly coordinated portfolio of sensor adapters, cable conduit, and cable glands. These components are extremely rugged and designed for all standard cylindrical sensors. Get the ideal cable protection for harsh environments … more
Object Detection on Robot Grippers with Ultrasonic Sensors
  Ultrasonic Sensors

Object Detection on Robot Grippers

Automotive production involves narrow metal and synthetic components with little detectable surface area. Learn how UB100-F77 series ultrasonic sensors can handle high production speeds in spite of these circumstances … more
2-D LiDAR scanners airplane
  Photoelectric Sensors

Up in the Cloud(s)

Summertime is vacation season. Many travelers hop on a plane to conveniently reach destinations around the world. Discover how innovative scanning technology from Pepperl+Fuchs helps ensure that an aircraft is comfortable and, above all, safe … more

Pepperl+Fuchs Insights

  July 2018 | Electoral Palatinate Mile of Innovations
Exactly 60 years ago in Mannheim, the inductive proximity sensor was born—and it would prove to be a groundbreaking invention for the world of automation. Join us as we take a look back at a piece of German engineering history … more

Bronze plaque on the Electoral Palatinate Mile of Innovations
  April 2018 | Founding Member of 5G-ACIA
The coming 5G mobile communication generation is critically important to the world of industry. To define standards, several companies and organizations have joined forces in the "5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation" (5G ACIA). Read more about this initiative … more

Pepperl+Fuchs is Founding Member of 5G-ACIA

Brain Teaser

An all-day pass for a mini-locomotive at a leisure park costs 1 dollar, and a single-ride ticket costs 50 cents. A woman unknown to the driver boards the train, gives him 1 dollar without saying a word, and receives an all-day pass.

How did the locomotive driver know that the woman wanted an all-day pass and not a single-ride ticket?

To Solution
Mini-locomotive at a leisure park

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Waste-Free Production

How do a digital twin, sensor technology, and cloud solutions contribute to waste-free production? Discover how “Twin Space” from LCM, Salvagnini, and Pepperl+Fuchs automatically adjusts a bending process in real-time to produce a flawless product …
View Video
Positioning Systems

Simply Explained

What are the differences between PXV and PGV positioning systems? Learn more about these technologies, their applications, and the latest safePXV and safePGV models in our new video …
PGV and PCV simply explained View Video
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