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Five Reasons Why the Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1 Simplifies Your Fieldbus Installation


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New Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1
Check out five reasons for the new fieldbus diagnostic handheld FDH-1.

A smooth production process is what every production manager strives for. In order to achieve this objective, a high-performing automation system is required. With the new fieldbus diagnostic handheld FDH-1 from Pepperl+Fuchs, you get one step closer to maximum plant availability. Its comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics enables you to set up a reliable, top quality fieldbus physical layer. Check out five reasons on why using the FDH-1 makes fieldbus installation and maintenance as simple as possible.

1. Familiarity: Take control of your fieldbus!

The fieldbus diagnostic handheld FDH-1 is the evolutionary successor to the multimeter – just more intelligent. The device checks any segment quickly initiated with just one push of a button. The handheld operates stand-alone and is a great addition to any technician’s tool box.

2. Guidance: Operate without any training!

The built-in display guides the user  at all times. Multi-language dialogs lead you through each task – including fault finding, complete commissioning check-out, and documentation. The FDH-1 is an excellent tool for beginners and experienced users.

3. Advice: Get support from an embedded expert system!

The new fieldbus diagnostic handheld FDH-1 includes an expert system which converts raw measured data into easily understandable messages. It describes potential causes of the problems such as wiring errors, ground faults or complex scenarios, and identifies simple instructions for correction that any user can follow.

4. Convenience: Check segments anywhere!

With the portable fieldbus diagnostic handheld FDH-1 no PC connection is required. The handheld device is certified for operation in any hazardous area as well as all types of explosion protection relevant for fieldbus. The battery operates an entire day without recharging.

5. Quality: Keep your installation at its best!

Even during operation – e.g. after replacing an instrument, the installation is quickly checked. The FDH-1 produces complete commissioning documentation automatically that is ready for sign-off.

Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1

Get the best performance infrastructure with the new Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1