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DIN-Accredited Solution for Swing Doors with TopScan-S [Movie]

The active infrared sensor TopScan-S is one of the first sensors to be tested by the German Technical Control Board (German official abbr: TÜV) and DIN 18650-accredited. The TopScan-S infrared door sensor mounts directly to the door panel, making it an ideal solution for swinging doors.

Installed directly on the door panel, the TopScan-S infrared door sensor offers the highest level of protection possible by constantly monitoring the area surrounding the door panel. 

These door sensors are built modularly using the Master-Slave-concept and can be easily fitted to various door widths of up to 1400 mm. Its infrared sensing range and the angle are adjustable, allowing a test target on the ground to be safely detected from a mounting height of up to 2.5 m.