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Krones Bottling Plants


Bottle conveyor system
Bottle conveyor system

In KRONES plants, sensor signals are transmitted at moving conveyor elements using AS-Interface with sliding contacts. The number of contacts is strongly limited and other bus systems are not robust enough for this application. A good on-site diagnosis system in the case of a failure and the easy replacement of modules and devices is required. Moreover, a connection method with the lowest possible installation effort is desired.


Checking the labels
Checking the labels

At the bottling plant at Hassia in Bad Vilbel, the AS-Interface system is used in several halls to control plant processes such as sorting empty bottles, cleaning, filling and labelling. For this purpose, switch cabinet and field modules with screwed connections are used. The higher-level control is connected using the AS-Interface PROFIBUS Gateway.

Customer benefits

AS-Interface switch cabinet modules
AS-Interface switch cabinet modules

The complete plant including the bus concept is planned and supplied by KRONES in cooperation with Pepperl+Fuchs according to customer specification. Due to the flexible AS-Interface concept, expansions and modifications of the plant by the customer can be easily realized at any time.