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Retrofitting a Major Process Plant for Aluminium Production


Hall for aluminium production
Hall for aluminium production

Achieving a more environmentally friendly aluminium production with increased production capacity. All mechanical switches are to be monitored for lead breakage and several hundred valves in the exhaust gas purification system are to be automated. Although there is a great number of widely distributed inductive and optical sensors, cable trees and junction boxes are to be avoided. The system is to be realised in several steps and will contain an integrated safety concept.


Crane system for electrodes
Crane system for electrodes

During the 3-year project phase of this major plant, the automation technology was adapted to AS-Interface in three steps. The exhaust gas systems and the transport systems for the electrodes as well as the safety systems (including crane systems) are controlled via AS-Interface. The overall length of the cable network with several masters and repeaters amounts to approximately 3 kilometres.

Customer benefits

Switch cabinet with AS-Interface
Switch cabinet with AS-Interface

Gradual changeover to new automation technology. Low capital expenditure and simple integration of the safety systems. Hardly any production interruption during the simple and quick changeover to AS-Interface.